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Rangbhoomi: When Our Students Produced Their Own Reality Show

We have said it many times before but we will say it again, there are many aspects to TV studio production that can be learnt only through execution. That was the purpose behind setting up the workshop that resulted in the production of our very own reality show, Rangbhoomi.

The reality show is about two teams competing to see who has a better skit put together. What exactly did we task our students at Seamedu with? Pretty much everything. They had to take care of every aspect of pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Not just that, they were also the ones who had to be the two competing teams. The script, hosting, sound, filming, basically everything that goes into the making of a reality show was what the students had to do. The workshop that took place over 2 days on the 29th and 30th of November 2014 was shot with 6 cameras and edited online. They had to put together about 30 minutes of a reality show together from that.

The first and foremost lesson that our students learnt was the magnitude of work a production like this needed and the number of people involved in the co-ordination. Of course, they had a helping hand from the faculty of all the departments involved guiding them on how keep things flowing but it was up to them to make it happen. They also had the privilege of having our visiting faculty Ms. Maya Rao, a well-known creative head for various projects running on TV currently, present during the workshop to make sure they never strayed from their path.

At the end of all that, here is what they put together!

We had fun putting this together with them! Did you have fun watching it? Your comments are awaited!

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