#Throwback – The REDcam Workshop at the Seamedu campus
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#Throwback – The REDcam Workshop at the Seamedu campus

Film or Digital? That’s a never-ending debate for most cinematographers in the world. Since decades, feature films have been shot in traditional analog film formats such as 35mm. But the analog format poses a high risk factor and involves time-consuming stages of shooting, lab processing, editing, duplication and preservation.

With an ever-growing demand for faster and efficient film production workflow as well as producing the finest motion picture quality, the digital film making workflow is a clear winner when it comes to making a choice between the traditional analog film and digital formats.

Digital cinema cameras offered by companies like Red Digital are in great demand amongst movie professionals all over the world. The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is an American firm based in California that manufactures affordable, professional-grade digital cinematography and photography tools.

REDcam Seminar at Seamedu

REDcam Seminar @ Seamedu

Recently, the students of Seamedu seized an opportunity to get hands-on experience on a Red Digital Cinema Camera right in the very premises of the institute, looking at the need for essential exposure to latest digital cinema gear to the students. An exclusive workshop was organized by the Film Making Department at Seamedu and was conducted by industry professionals who visited the Seamedu campus on 23rd March 2016.

Watch the exclusive footage of the Redcam Workshop 2016 in this quick video. 

In an exhaustive day-long workshop, conducted by Ninad Gosavi and Abhishek Jaiswal, both professional cinematographers, Seamedu students were introduced to the Red EPIC Digital Cinema Camera, which is widely used for feature film, short film, and commercial film production.

REDcam Seminar at Seamedu campus

REDcam Seminar at Seamedu campus

The students got to know how the 6K Dragon sensor is a unique feature that distinguishes RED Epic cameras as a model for image innovation helming the evolution of digital cinema technology. The students learned how 6K images have an upper hand over the lower resolution images such as 4K, 2K and High Definition (HD), and how the 6K Dragon sensor blurs the line between still images and moving images. They were told how the camera can function on any existing cinematography gear.

Emphasizing on the practical approach for learning, Ninad and Abhishek demonstrated the working of the camera in both indoor and outdoor locations through practical exercises. For the indoor exercise, the students were informed, a day in advance, to make ready a random scene in the institute’s in-house studio. The students created a neat and slick scene of a restaurant lounge area comprising of various props and colorfully lit by indoor lighting techniques. The scene was then shot using various camera angles and movements. The students were simply awestruck by the high quality of imagery delivered by the camera. They also had the chance to handle various equipment such as light meters, lenses, camera rigs, etc.

REDcam Seminar by Seamedu

REDcam Seminar by Seamedu

Next, the students were given a glimpse of the camera’s performance in an outdoor location which was demonstrated to them on the terrace of the institute building. Various test shots were captured in natural sunlight. The students were amazed by how well the camera captured high dynamic range and wide latitude ranging from dark shadows to bright highlights of the outdoor scene.

The professionals then shared many invaluable tips and tricks for digital cinematography and also answered queries and doubts that clicked the minds of the budding cinematography students, concluding the day-long workshop.

The workshop focused on training for the real-world demands of Digital Cinematography and ultra-high resolution post-production and an in-depth look into camera operations, internal working and processes of the Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera.

A truly professional insight into digital cinematography indeed!

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