Rohit Gupta, Rolocule Games at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015 - Seamedu
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February 2, 2015
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February 4, 2015

Rohit Gupta, Rolocule Games at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015

The Seamedu Game Meet is right around the corner and we thought we would give you a little extra incentive to be there! If you have read our blog on the schedule of the Seamedu Game Meet 2015, then you know there is going to be quite a bit happening on the 7th of February.  We have put together four sessions with some of the big names connected to some of the best-known gaming companies in India along with the game development competition. And the very first session of the day will be held by Rohit Gupta, the CEO of Rolocule Games! He needs no introduction. But we just can’t help but be proud of a man who has done what very few have managed to in India till date!


About Rohit Gupta

Rohit is on a mission to give the world entertainment in a manner that people simply cannot live without. His first love is making games and second love is finding solutions. He has the knack of being able to address the most complex of problems with the simplest of solutions. After a stint at Infosys he left India to get a degree in electronic arts from Columbia University in New York. He then joined EA-where he worked on the SIMS-3 franchisee. Not satisfied making games for others, he came back & that’s how Rolocule was born in the year of 2010 which he co-founded with is college friend Anuj Tandon. Being a design fanatic and a programmer, his hunger for excellence is insatiable and the motivating factor behind many leading products that Rolocule now creates. He believes that “nothing is Impossible” and is extremely fortunate to have found a team that shares the same motto.

About Rolocule

Rolocule is a reflection of the man who created the company. As a company, Rolocule believes that art and technology when put together have the power to create magic. Together, they are creating an alternate universe that provides unlimited entertainment. Founded in 2010, Rolocule as mobile entertainment software company that creates world-class games and the next generation of game technologies. Rolocule games focuses on creating games at par with consoles for mobiles and tablets on the ‘RoloEngine’ powered by their in house team of researchers, programmers, and artists. Their games have been loved by most with ratings falling between 4.5 and 5 stars. ‘Rolomotion’ is a technology developed by the research team that converts you iPhone into a portable gaming console. This technology uses the capability of the Apple TV as a complete entertainment system.


Since the inception of the company in 2010, it was won quite a few awards.

In 2012 ‘Flick Tennis: College Wars’ was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the International Mobile Gaming Award (IMGA) held in Barcelona, Spain in March 2012 at the Mobile World Congress, making it the 1st completely developed game from India to win an international award.

In 2012 Rolocule was awarded the Top 10 emerging Product Company’s award in India by NASSCOM.

In 2013, Rolocule was named the best place to work.

In 2014 ‘Rolomotion’ was awarded the ‘Silver Edison Award’ for new innovation also known as the Oscars of Innovation in the Entertainment category at the 27th Annual Edison Awards™ held in San Francisco.

We have a feeling that many more are on the way!

Since their inception Rolocule has been associated with Seamedu As knowledge & Intern partners-bringing their immense knowledge in guiding our curriculum, conducting workshops & holding game programming classes. Many of our talented student’s Game designers, Artists & Programmers are employees of Rolocule Games. This association continues as Rohit continues to Mentor Seamedu Game Students.

The man who made all that happen will speak to you directly and addressing all your queries! How often do you get an opportunity like this? Make sure you are there!

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