Say Hello to the Stellar Teaching Crew at Seamedu
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May 2, 2018
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May 2, 2018

Say Hello to the Stellar Teaching Crew at Seamedu

Seamedu Faculty Members

Have you heard people say that you only get any experience while doing a real job and that college learning is simply theoretical? Or how about ‘you only learn on the job, bookish knowledge is not much use’? This is no longer the case. Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism was formed to bridge the gap that often occurs between the world of academia and the industry. This can only happen when you learn while doing and can trust your teachers to act more like mentors than unapproachable figures of authority. Or as our MD & CEO, Shiva Gupta, puts it, “The faculty is less as a person of authority who leads and controls but rather works as a friend, a mentor, a facilitator, or an experienced companion.”

Our faculty comprises of professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields making them ideal mentors to our students as they have the ability to explain theory in terms of its applicability (and not simply as abstract concepts). The assignments they give our students are not only creative, but are also modelled after real-world situations, allowing you to ‘learn on the job’.

We thought we’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our team members so you know who is shaping the careers of thousands of media aspirants!

Read about us to know why we’re acknowledged as a top media education institute.

Our team of educators are the perfect role models for our students. Here’s a look at a few of our stellar starcast of educators, visiting faculties and industry mentors:

Samar Nakhate

Samar Nakhate

A distinguished figure in Pune’s film and theatre circles, Samar Nakhate has a long, glowing list of credits and associations to his name. He is a film maker, alumnus, ex-dean (Television Division) of and lecturer at the renowned Film & Television Institute of India (FTII). Deeply interested in visual arts and the philosophy of science and cultures, he is passionately involved in nurturing and creating new young professionals for film, television and theatre here at Seamedu.

Mandar Phanse

Known for his many talents as an editor, anchor, output editor and news editor, Mandar Phanse is a well-known personality in Television industry, he is worked with NDTV, CNN IBN, ZEE TV, Alpha Marathi and Jai Maharashtra news channels. He is also the founder, owner and editor of Marathi web portal and India’s first rural online network and a frequent visitor at Seamedu.

Shikhar Shukla- Senior Faculty, Department of Photography

Shikhar Shukla
Shikhar has been associated with us for the past two and half years. He brings in amazing versatility to the table in imparting his knowledge in photography. His exponents in this field, help our students understand the much needed art and aesthetics. A perfect blend of easy going attitude and excellent communication skills makes him a favourite amongst our students. Shikhar also has note worthy accomplishments to his credit. Having exhibited his works at Musee du Louvre at Paris to working with well known brands such as Scheinder, Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle, Womens Era to name a few.

Tanvi Bhadre– Senior Faculty, Department of Photography


Tanvi has a Masters degree in Fine Arts(Commercial Arts) and passion for Photography. She has been teaching Photography for close to 4 years and has also worked internationally in Singapore with Icon Media and Eventurous and Maziga. She shares a fabulous bond with students and has immense talent to merge her theoretical and practical experience.

Kunal Lanjekar – Sr. Faculty – Department of Game & Animation

Kunal L

Kunal Lanjekar has been associated with 3D development since 2005, starting his career as a graphic designer. His career as an educator began as a 3D faculty with Growel, and he was also a part of the faculty at Vishwakarma Creative-I College as a lecturer on 3D using Maya. He is an authority on multiple subjects including 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and 2D visual design. He has also received recognition for his professional work from NVIDIA winning their prestigious Best 3D Modelling award.

Hemant Rawate – Associate HOA – Department of Broadcast Journalism

Hemant Rawate

Hemant brings some serious credentials to the table when it comes to our Department of Journalism. Having made his way in the school of hard knocks (and many prestigious institutions like Zee News), he offers a sturdy command in the field of journalism, bringing all his experience and expertise to enable Seamedu’s broadcast journalism students to thrive in the industry.

Dipannita Das – Sr. Faculty – Broadcast Journalism

Dipannita D

A career journalist with a headstrong approach and unwavering drive, she has accumulated an extensive insight into journalism (print, audio-visual and online), and has been associated with reputed publications such as The New Indian Express and The Times of India (Bangalore and Pune). She guides her young charges through all the subtleties that surround journalism with a firm hand and challenges them to develop their intellect in the field.

Harshit Mahajan – Faculty – Game Programming

Harshit M

A favourite with the students, Harshit has a number of games to his credit. His knowledge of the latest trends in gaming and unending enthusiasm and associations with a wide variety of subsets when it comes to game development ranging from virtual reality to 2D and 3D and across platforms like iOS, Android and PC make him a veritable storehouse of knowledge.

These are just a few of the awesome people we have the privilege to include in our family. Find out more about all of them here. We also have some celebrated guests, the who’s who of the Media & Entertainment industry, as a part of our visiting faculty who bring a whole new dimension to our college.

Enroll with us and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised, if not star struck!

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