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November 16, 2015
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Seamedu at NGDC 2014 The Largest Of It’s Kind Event In India

Nasscom Game Developer Conference (NGDC) is the largest of its kind event in India and this year it was held at the Westin hotel in Pune city which is why we (students of Seamedu school of game and animation) were able to, not only attend but also take part and showcase our work at this giant event.

What we took to NGDC

This year we took a game prototype to the event that we have been working on for the past few months. If you  have been following our blogs you’d know about this dungeon based prototype now known under the working title ‘Ravensbog’. We took the alpha prototype of the project to the event so that we could see how the people who are actually concerned with the industry react to it and what are there thoughts about it. So we planned on getting our prototype tested by the people at NGDC. Apart from the game we were also taking some demo reels which showed our student work and stuff.

At the Event

At the event we had our own custom stall with the theme of our game all over it. It was standing out as it was different from all other rather plane stalls. Our group took turns staying at the stall while the others were attending sessions and visiting other stalls. We saw a lot of other people showing a lot of great stuff at their stalls. Some were studios who were displaying their new tech and games and some were students like us. We even spotted some really young kids with their own games, which was very inspiring because it showed that the these young guys would be part of the industry in the future.

What we got from NGDC

Game Development Courses



Game Development Course

As I said we all took turns attending sessions and workshops there which actually showed us a glimpse of how the game development industry works in India and what do the people in the industry think about India as a game market and stuff like that.

At the stall, honestly our prototype got criticized a lot but that was expected and that is what we actually needed. The suggestions were coming from people who were never part of the development team and had a fresh perspective and that is exactly what we needed and these were just any people, these were people who have been playing or developing games for a good part of their life and these reviews are very valuable to us.

On the other hand our board games were loved by many people at the event. Some even had the patience to actually play the board games.

This was just a brief of what we all experienced collectively soon there’ll be personal posts from the students who visited the NGDC and you’ll be able to the full extent of learning we had at the Nasscom Game Developer Conference.

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