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January 1, 2015
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January 1, 2015

Seamedu Game Meet: What we did in the year 2010

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Learning to be a part of the gaming industry is all about evolving with it. At Seamedu School of Game and Animation, that is what we tell our students and that is what we strive to train them in. Evolution is though is not something that comes easy. It takes some time yes, but most importantly it needs learning and constant updating. Workshops help but how do we give our students the exposure to the where the industry is now and what direction is it likely to take in the future? This question leads us towards the organizing of the first Seamedu Game Meet. As we planned towards this, we came to realize that what we were doing was something every aspirant and every professional industry needed. And that is what lead us to opening our gates to anyone and everyone who willing to come down and spend some time with us.

At the game meet, we kept in mind that the learning has to be for everyone at all the different levels. There could be someone who has been working the industry for a few years looking to peep into the latest trends to stay updated in the audience. There could also be someone who has absolutely no learning or experience and there to be probably see if a career in the industry would interest him or if growth in the industry is viable. Keeping the wide range of possible participants in mind, we had to make an effort to schedule sessions that could benefit them all. And that is what we hoped to do with the schedule that was set up for the first game meet we had ever organized.

Sessions and Speakers at the Seamedu Game Meet 2010

Session 1: Game Design

Speaker: Rohit Gupta, CEO and technology lead at Rolocule Games

Game Design is one of the least understood roles in the entire game development cycle. For an aspirant to understand the finer details of game design is nothing better than to hear it from a guy who worked at EA on the SIMS game.  And that is why we called in the CEO and technology lead at Rolocule Games to come in talk us about is the importance of this function in the building of a game. Rohit also loves to teach & interact with game aspirants, as he is always on lookout for new talent to join his company.


Session 2: Game Programming

Speaker: Girish Dhakephalkar, Founder-Director Shoonya Game Technologies

Game programs are not termed as entertainment software for no reason. Programming a game is much more challenging then programming any other types of software? At the basis of all game programming is object oriented programming or commonly called OOPS. Our college education in Computer Science mostly focuses on functional programming which is used in programming banking or financial software’s. This is where students need the advice to get their focus right.

Founder and director of Shoonya Game Technologies, Mr. Girish Dhakephalkar would be the right person to give all the participants a simple & deep understanding of Game Programming. Having studied at Dundee where he finished his CS degree & worked with Game Development companies in Scotland before returning to India to become a technology entrepreneur.


Session 3: Online Game Development

Speaker: Bhushan Samant, Playssium Technologies

There are so many different kinds of games that are already there and more being built as we speak. The gaming industry goes where the technology goes. Online games are big & Building online games played by millions of people is an important part of the game development world. We felt the schedule would be incomplete if we don’t touch upon the subject of online game development. And so we got aboard Bhushan Samant.

Session 4: Game Design & Fun in Games

Speakers: Atul Manohar, M. Des IIT Mumbai, Mayuresh Shirolkar, Architect and Dramatist, Shantanu Kulkarni, UI, Product Designer, IISc Bangalore

Everybody learns more when they are having fun and that is why we brought the genius combination of the above speakers! They together have a vast experience in design, software, Product design, architecture, drama & use their multi-dimensional skills to make learning an unique experience.


Here is a peak at what the event looked! Fun and learning in one single package!


What do we have planned for this year in the Seamedu Game Meet? Come and find out!

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