Seamedu Game Meet: Why did we decide to hold one in the first place?
Game development
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Seamedu Game Meet: Why did we decide to hold one in the first place?

game development

As a school, Seamedu is tasked with the job of training students and aspirants to be industry ready. That is our only reason for existence and this puts us smack in the middle of the entire world of the gaming industry. We are nothing but a bridge between prospective employees and employers. Which makes it essential for us to look at this world from two different points of view.

Student’s and a Parent’s point of view

A job or the work place is where an average adult spends most of his or her time. Most students who have opted to make a career in the field of games have already chosen to follow their hearts and take the road less known. They have so many questions and so many worries at heart. The foremost being, when I step out of this school will I have a career that is as successful as my peers who took the road that is well trodden upon? And it is not just a student who has this question floating in mind. Even before the student poses this question to himself, his parents have already asked us this question. And their worry has always been and will always be, if I let my son/daughter walk this road, will they regret it as adults? Will they be able to sustain themselves and lead a happy life?

Employers point of view

The gaming industry is a global industry, games made in India need to compete & sell all across the world. India has huge advantage in terms of the manpower available capable of developing world class products . This has resulted in more & more companies developing games out of India. But the truth is that an organization is only as good as the people that make it. Companies are in desperate need of Designers, developers, programmers, game artists, producers, creative heads etc. They need people who can help the company compete at a global level. Employers are willing to give anyone a chance provided he or she can prove themselves.

How do we bridge this gap?

The only solution that ever works is the one that benefits both parties involved. For us as a game school, it meant creating an environment where the training actually meets the constantly evolving industry standards. So that the students are ready for a career and the responsibilities that come with it.

The additional challenge for us here in the School of game and animation is however that the industry standards are not set.  In this situation, how do we make our students industry ready as it is termed?

We have been able to successfully provide highly trained & game company ready students because of our industry connect, International accredited curriculum & faculty with international experience who have worked in the game industry all levels. This was also the reason why Seamedu Game Meet came to be. We wanted the world to know what our students had come to know-how to become a successful game professional.

What better way than to meet & interact with young game programmers, developers & designers from various companies to show how it is done. These successful game professionals will not only motivate but answer every question that you have in mind to help you map your game career. Game Meet as the name suggests is amongst the very few platforms that informs, educates & connects future game developers, designers, Artists & programmers with existing game professional who can get you start on the right foot in your careers.

We have had two such meets till date. Once is 2010 and another in 2013, and we hope to have many more to happen as the years go by!


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