Seamedu Partners with CMR University in Bangalore
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Bangalore Campus Partnership with CMR

Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, one of India’s leading media schools, has already created a firm footing in the city of its origin – Pune, Maharashtra. While a presence in what is known as the Oxford of the East is definitely justified, we understand that a diverse student body in India needs more than just one campus to go to.

Media hopefuls across the country need a facility where their talents can be nurtured and their skills honed under the tutelage of the best and most qualified educators. To help accomplish this goal, Seamedu has established a partnership, this time in India’s home of IT – Bangalore.

Striking a winning partnership 

Seamedu has partnered with the prestigious CMR University in Bangalore to form School of Audio and Visual Technologies. This alliance creates a series of strong, creative media programs, which are specifically designed by industry experts. Established in 2013, CMRU is a private university established on a sprawling lake-front campus situated in the north of Bangalore. Everything from state-of-the-art equipment to modern recreational amenities can be found on campus, which plays host to a wide variety of institutes that offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs across various disciplines.

The programs on offer at the CMRU School of Audio and Visual Technologies are created with industry integration at the forefront and from the outset, and students are offered the opportunity to learn their trade through an extremely hands-on approach that mirrors the best practices carried out in their respective industries.

From program design to guest lectures, students at the institute receives guidance and tutelage from industry experts and academic stalwarts alike. The experienced in-house and guest faculty helps provide them with the tools to flourish as soon as they complete the transition from classroom to the professional space.

Here are the media courses on offer at CMRU School of Audio and Visual Technologies, Bangalore –

B.Sc. In Film Making

B.Sc in Film Making

The art of storytelling through visuals is one that is deeply cherished by the Indian populace. Whether it’s weaving a fictional tale that transports viewers to another world, or bringing about change through gritty documentaries, film makers can have a massive impact on society. Our bachelor’s degree course is spread across six semesters and provides students with the technical, theoretical and practical know how that is needed to succeed in the vibrant world of film making.

B.Sc. In Visual Effects and Animation for Film and TV

B.Sc. In Visual Effects


VFX and Animation is growing industry here in India, and Bangalore is at the heart of this growth. While India is becoming the go-to global destination for visual effects and animation, there aren’t enough institutes whose graduates go and integrate into the industry as soon as they join it. This is why Seamedu has chosen to offer this degree in Bangalore, giving those youngsters who want to create visual magic the platform and the instruction required to help turn their dreams into reality.

Degree in Animation

B.Sc. In Photography

The fine art of creating a narrative through a static frame is one that has been and always will be in demand here in India. Photographers ply their trade in newspapers, magazines, events, fashion, art and more. With Seamedu’s photography degree course in Bangaluru , you learn the technical settings, lighting, framing, and a myriad other techniques that will help you on your way to becoming a certified lens-wizard.

B.Sc. In Sound Engineering 

B.Sc Sound Engineering

Everywhere you go, from tribes in the heart of the woodlands to subways that underscore the urban jungle, all human beings speak one universal language – the language of music. If you are passionate about music and want to make it your career, natural talent can take you only so far. This is why we have introduced our degree in sound engineering in Bangalore. Through this course, students can learn how to use all the digital tools available for the mastery of sound in these modern times.

BCA in Game Software Development

BCA in Game Software Development

The gaming industry rakes in billions upon billions annually as one of the cornerstones of the global entertainment industry. India, too, is catching up to this trend and game development start-ups are cropping up all over the country, while massive names of the global gaming industry are rushing to establish their presence here. To help provide these firms big and small with a capable talent pool and help mould the dreams of young students for whom gaming is life, we have crafted a dedicated course in game software development.

BCA in Mobile App Development

BCA in Mobile App Development

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lifestyle here in India. So much so, that whole professions and industries would come to a grinding halt without them. So obviously, app development has become one of the fastest growing industries in India. Students hoping to ride this wave of success and rake in the fortunes that go with it can enrol in our degree course in app development, and receive the proficiency and expertise to help turn their ambitions into achievable goals, and their ideas into fully-fledged apps.

With Seamedu’s campus in Bangalore and its strong ties with CMR, the youth of Bangalore now have the ultimate destination to acquire the learnings and insights that will help set them down the path to a glorious career in media and entertainment.

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