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January 1, 2015
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Seamedu Short Film Festival: Snapshots and highlights of what we have done the past years


Short film festival


When we sat down as a team in Seamedu and decided to do an event, our aim was to do something that gave aspiring filmmakers a platform. A fair platform that allowed everyone to step forward and share the films they have made. After all, every filmmaker and every other participant poured his or her soul into the process. And we wanted to put together something where aspiring movies makers had the opportunity that would open the doors of the film making industry to them. There was no two ways about it. That was founding principle upon which we built our film festival. But then every event says that. And how are we different is a question that is posed to us occasionally. In response to this specific question, we take you through the journey of the festival with every passing year in blog post. And then you decide how we are different.


Seamedu Short Film Festival 2011

This was our very first try at something of this nature. We decided to start small but strong under the guidance of our festival director Mr. Dharmendra Chavan. Deciding to hold the event at the Seamedu S.B road campus, we went ahead to putting together a panel of jury members and a guest who would add the value of knowledge!

The Jury

Samar Nakhate, the former Dean of The Film & Television Institute of India.

Sameer Talwarkar, filmmaker currently employed with Toolbox studios.

Virendra Valsangkar, National Film Award winning film maker and director.

Dharmendra Chavan, who brings in the angle of television journalism.

Guest Speaker

Kiran yadnyopavit, a name that is now synonymous with the Marathi film industry. He began his journey as a writing plays and later on directing plays. Hailing from Chinchwad, a small town in the Pune district, he made his first break into movies after a pain staking journey that paid off. He is now a script writer and director with movies like Taryanche Bait under his belt.


Seamedu Short Film Festival 2012

With the success of the first attempt, we found the courage to move on to our second attempt at organizing the second edition of the festival. We had a little more courage now and we ventured out of our campus to NFAI. The venue may have changed but we still had to deliver quality. And so we ploughed on to get together a group of experts again to come be a part of the festival under the guidance of the festival director Mr. Harold Raichur.

The Jury

Sunil Sukhthankar and Sumitra Bhave, International and national award winning duo of filmmakers well known for their well-researched issued based subject representation.

Guest Speakers

Devika Daftardar, an actress in the Marathi industry who added great value to the understanding of film making from an actress/actor’s point of view.

Wasim Maner, a versatile film maker along with being a cinematographer who has been involved in the making of many wildlife documentaries, teaching training and agricultural movies.


Seamedu Short Film Festival 2013

Another year went by and it was time for the third film festival. And the festival director for the year 2013, Mr. Dilip Achtani along with the team dug into the preparations. They got to work on bringing in the best once again and they made it happen.

The Jury

Indraneil Bhattacharya & Gayatri Chatterjee, who actually need no introduction! If you have been following the film world, then you know why these film experts are famous already! With publications that are merited all around the world today, there are few in the country who are as well informed as them.


Guest Speakers

Samar Nakhate, an expert and the former dean of FTI

Dr.Deepak Tilak , the vice chancellor of the Tilak Maharastra Vidyapeeth

Indraneil Bhattacharya & Gayatri Chatterjee, yes they not only were kind enough to judge but they also interacted with the students

Neelima Chavan, also from the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth


So what do you think? Did we hold true to our promise?

Now it is time for the next short film festival! Are you excited? We are!

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