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December 12, 2014
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December 12, 2014

Seamedu Short Film Festival: Stepping Stone to a Successful Career

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It is not an easy task to break into an industry that is as competitive and close knit as the film. So how do you do make or further a career here? It is all a game of how well you market yourself. If you are an amateur looking to get noticed or a professional looking to further establish your name, then placing yourself well in a short film festival is one of the best ways to get noticed. But why do we recommend that you come attend our short film festival? The reasons are listed below.


Why Attend the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015?


Showcase and win

This is not just a meet or a screening. You can also enter a competition here. This competition is viewed and judged by some of the most noted names in the Industry today. Their reputation quite literally precedes them. These are the individuals you want noticing you. They not only see your skill but also get to see a relative picture of your standing among the upcoming set of film makers. A good short film might result in them offering you the guidance or maybe even the opportunity that you need to enter in the industry. You can learn and make an impression at the same time. Plus, if you win, you have the tag of being an award winning film maker. And that is always a good thing!


It takes an army to make a film. Making a short film might need a smaller army. But an army of any size is a must. So many roles to be played and such different skills needed. How often do you run into a camera guy or a screenwriter at your nearest coffee shop? At a short film festival, you are amidst your peers. At the Seamedu Short Film Festival, we encourage the youngster to get together and share ideas and opinions. It is a small world in this industry. Who knows you might just find a beneficial collaboration right here!

Make a deal maybe

Film buyers are not as many in India as of yet and this concept is yet to pick up. But it does happen sometimes or rather very rarely. You never know when someone might like the concept of your movie and might buy it from you then and there! It might just be your lucky day.

Gain some marketing mileage

In the digital world, you don’t really need a screen to show off your movie. A YouTube channel will do. But if you have spent any time promoting your work online, then you know that it is easier said than done. Every film festival has an offline coverage. There are press releases and there is invariably someone from a local newspaper for a review. But what if you could get some mileage on the digital front too? We know what it takes to have the world notice you in today’s times. We are doing it anyway. So why not come and take advantage of it?


But what do you do if you don’t have a short film ready? Simple, we have for this very reason put together a 24-hour film making competition this year. This means that we give you a subject and you get 24 hours to sit together and turn into a movie, starting at script writing and going all the way till the post-production. If you don’t have a film then all you need is team that is skilled and willing to put their skill to test!

We look forward to seeing you all here!

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