Seamedu’s BCA vs. Vanilla BCA vs. BE – The Choice is Yours
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Seamedu’s BCA vs. Vanilla BCA vs. BE – The Choice is Yours

The two years of junior college can be the most daunting period of your life, since this is when the all-important ‘What do I do next?’ call is to be taken. Having your mind set on pursuing a degree in IT or Computer Applications is great – but have you tried comparing courses that are generic in nature with courses that can actually set you on your path towards a specialized career?

When we decide on a course from a particular university or a college, everyone has certain criteria that helps them choose one institute over another. You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, and judging by how expensive college education is getting these days, you absolutely should get the most out of your course.

Apart from the actual course structure, facilities offered, methodology and fees, you also want to make sure you will be trained properly in skills that are practically required to land a job. Learning coding languages in theory is all good but is rendered obsolete if you never actually use the codes to create anything, right?

On that note, allow us to make an argument about why you should choose Seamedu’s BCA course over any other BCA or BE out there.

Seamedu’s BCA vs. Vanilla BCA vs. BE

1. Actual Skills

A regular BCA course will cover a standard curriculum. You will learn all about computer programs and applications and how they work and you will most likely get a job in application testing. But, the sad news is that the testing process is one that will soon be automated and computers will be able to handle testing themselves. So all the skills you learn in your 3 year regular BCA will be of no use.

The Seamedu Advantage

Seamedu focuses on creativity along with training in actual skills that cannot be replaced by a computer or a robot! You will learn skills of value and will have a lot more to offer at your place of work.

2. Hands-on training

For a course like engineering or BCA, hands-on training with actual software and game development programmes is key. A student should already know (and should be able to practically demonstrate, if called on to do so) how to make a game from start to end when he goes to a job interview. A lot of colleges focus a lot on theory (which is good) but fail to put enough emphasis on actual practical teaching.

The Seamedu Advantage

At Seamedu, we wholly believe in practical over theory. We want to equip all our students with enough technical and practical know-how to be able to take on a project on the first day at their new job!

3. A little something extra!

Most colleges will teach you the ins and outs of computer applications, how to make games, how to use a range of software, etc. At the end of your course you will have a neat little degree in computer applications and you will be on your way.

The Seamedu Advantage

At Seamedu, you will not only learn to develop games for PC and Mac, but also learn to develop mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. This way, you’re not just a Bachelor in Computer Applications but a Bachelor in Computer Applications and Mobile App Development. Furthermore, Seamedu’s tie-up with UNITY gives you a UNITY certificate along with your BCA degree. This adds immense value to your skill set and can help you land a better, more rewarding job.

4. Training Meets Experience

Most colleges will give you the required training and ask you to watch videos or documentaries that are related to your training. This gives you a little extra knowledge about how the industry works and what really goes into developing games and apps.

The Seamedu Advantage

While all that is splendid, we here at Seamedu want to take it up a notch. We have tie-ups with real life mobile app and game developers who are well established and have made it big for themselves. We set up meetings and interactive sessions with them so you can meet them in person and learn from their experiences. You can ask them any questions you may have, they will be completely at your disposal.

5. Save time and learn more

Colleges offering BCA in game development or mobile app development will teach you exactly what you need to know to become a successful game and mobile app developer.

The Seamedu Advantage

Our BCA course has large elements of IT and CS Engineering wherein you will be taught how to work with a lot different software and hardware as part of Seamedu’s special BCA course. So not only will you have a BCA but you will also have practical knowledge of a major part of what is taught in an IT or CS engineering course. Furthermore, you can complete this course and have all the necessary knowledge and skills in just 3 years rather than spending 4 years on an IT or CS engineering course.

6. Placements

A lot of colleges and institutes offer placements in game design companies. And you should always choose a college based on placements because let’s face it, at the end of the day everyone needs a job!

The Seamedu Advantage

A lot of our ex-students work at top game development companies like Ubisoft, Green Ice Games, Loon Games and many more. So choose Seamedu for a chance to work with one of the top companies in the industry today.

It is estimated that ‘creativity’ will be the number 3 must-have skill for any applicant in 2020. It is our solemn promise that at Seamedu we can give you exactly that.

Contact us today to know how our all-encompassing degree in Game and Mobile Software Development can equip you with better skills than you could ask for from a regular BE or BCA.

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