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Selecting a Game Design Course that you Can Actually Learn from

The Indian game development industry is on the cusp of becoming the present & a very big part of the future of Indian IT. Indian IT is moving from the traditional software services model to software as a service (SaaS) & software products model. Games are entertainment software products and therefore fit right in with the future of Indian IT product revolution. Before the move to the service end of the market, it was relatively easy for anyone to get a job in the IT sector. Not the case anymore. Demand of the skills expected in an employee is higher now with design being the most coveted skill that a company wants their employees to really ace. The last 25 years was considered the era of information technology, the next 25 years is being called the era of design.

Amongst all forms of design – Game design will play an equally critical role in this future of design. With that, what is expected from a game design course in training has also gone up by a couple of notches.


What is expected from a game designer?

In simple words game designers job is akin to an architect’s job, who designs the plan of the structure to be built after seeing the layout of the land. Similarly, a game designer plans the flow of the game, the number of levels, the path the player will follow in the game, the tasks that will challenge the player & the rewards to be won on completion of the tasks. Game design comes first, no chicken & egg problem here.

Games are made of 3 major parts- 1) Game Design 2) Game Art 3) Game Programming. Together they are known as game development. Game Sound is also critical to games and no game is complete without sound. This is the forte of sound designers & no game is finished without sound.


What should you as a student expect from the curriculum of a good game design course?

The truth is that game designing is not a very well understood profile yet. And that is where most errors in judgement come from. As a game designer, you need to cover all three major aspects of game designing. And that is what a good game design course should train you to do. You need to analyse a course on basis of its ability to train you in game design, game art, and game scripting and if you want a little more, then look if they have specialized components like sound design for games. After all, games are all immersive and without the sense of sound engaged, you miss out on a key ingredient.

When you are done with the course, you should be able to confidently design, be able to create some artwork both 3d & 2d, create sound & if needed be able to code their games.


Whom are you learning from?

The content of the course is but obviously very important but so is whom you are learning it from. With an industry that is constantly evolving, it is essential that you learn from someone who is a part of the industry and is on the forefront of the changes. That is the only way to stay updated in the current scenario.



The Seamedu BFA game design course Pune. With the third intake scheduled this year, this course has made a reputation for putting forward some of the brightest young minds today. Developed and delivered in association with Rolocule and Shoonya 3D, this course lives up to its claim of being current and in connection with the industry trends with additional benefit of the sound design for games thrown in this year. They not only have industry experts coming in from these companies like Rohit Gupta and Girish Dhakephalkar on a regular basis, their regular teaching faculty has also stayed in touch with their fields of expertize.


As a parting thought, when picking a course, ensure that you have picked the best not just in terms of what their curriculum states but also their teaching style. In a profession like game design and development, you actually need to be making games to really learn. Nothing works better than a practical approach for a course like this and that is the kind of course you be aiming to get into.

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