Sports Journalism: A Career for Those Who Eat, Sleep and Breathe Sports
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Sports Journalism: A Career for Those Who Eat, Sleep and Breathe Sports

sports journalism

We live in a country that is crazy about sports. Apart from the insanity that surrounds the game of cricket, the last two decades have also seen the resurgence of sports like hockey, kabaddi, and badminton in the country.

If you are sports buff and think you have what it takes to make a career in the sports journalism industry, this article is for you! Sports journalism, as the name suggests, involves covering all aspects of a specific sport (or sports in general) through mediums such as television, radio, internet, magazines, and newspapers.

The sports industry is burgeoning and with the influx of mighty media houses, big sponsors and an ever-growing audience, several sports are climbing up the ladder in terms of expansion and evolution. People love following their favorite sports, teams, and athletes not just in their spare time, but also while they work or study. From cricket and football to hockey and kabaddi, India has become the hub for sporting activities and sports draw in a large number of viewership and readership across the country (and the globe).

It is no surprise then, that the demand for qualified professionals who can cover these sports is at an all-time high.

Career prospects and types of roles in sports journalism

Sports Writer

A sportswriter is basically an individual who is in charge of churning out the features and articles that you come across in media outlets like ESPNcricinfo, Cricbuzz and the sports sections in newspapers. Experienced sports writers could be hired to write opinionated pieces, while newbies are generally given the responsibility to craft fact-based pieces for the audience. Writers are also in great demand in TV channels where they write the script of sports shows or put together interesting content based on what is happening in the world of sports.

Being a sports writer has perks like:

  1. Getting featured on the most followed platforms in the country (and abroad)
  2. Creating a distinct identity and voicing honest opinions about sports
  3. Working as a full-time writer or a freelancer

Sports Reporter

A sports reporter’s primary job is to travel to venues where sports are being hosted and cover them live (or record all the information and produce content based on it later). Interviewing players, coaches and administrators is one of the key responsibilities of sports reporters, as is reporting the happenings on and off the field in a concise and factual manner. From newspapers and online magazines to television channels and broadcasting companies, the demand for sports reporters is huge.

The perks of being a sports reporter include:

  1. Meeting and interacting with the biggest names in sports
  2. Traveling to various destinations to cover games
  3. Being paid to watch your favorite sports live in action

Sports Anchor

Like any other TV or radio show host, a sports anchor is in charge of reporting sports-related news and stories to the audience on screen or behind the mic. Sports anchors are required to be presentable and with a strong hold on languages like English and Hindi. Regional media houses could also require people who are fluent in vernacular communication and are comfortable on camera.

The perks of being a sports anchor:

  1. Featuring on popular TV/online/radio shows
  2. Interviewing former and current sportspersons
  3. Being employed with top sports organizations or media houses

Sports Photographer

Sports photographers are responsible for the images of players or sports that we see on our screens. Remember ‘Flying Jonty’ or that epic picture of Sachin Tendulkar walking out to bat in his last Test match? Those images were relayed to us by master sports photographers! Believe it or not, sports photography is a high-paying profession. This highly specialized field calls for a great level of expertise and experience. Sports photographers can choose to specialize in one specific sport or cover multiple sports.

Top plusses of being a sports photographer:

  1. Watching and covering high-octane sports live in action
  2. Traveling across the country (or world) for assignments
  3. Meeting, interacting and shooting with celebrated sportspersons

Sports Editor

An editor is basically a person who packages games, sports features, presentations, and shows that are to be released or presented to the audience in real time (or deferred). The highlights package that you see or the post-game analysis or any other sport-related show that you see or hear, it is all down to the editor to take a call on what to include and what to leave out. Another type of sports editing is in terms of content editing, strategizing and packaging text content that is to be published on online channels.

Top benefits of working as a sports editor:

  1. Working with reputed sports media production houses
  2. Doing diverse projects that challenge your creativity
  3. Exploring opportunities to go to the next level as a feature producer

Apart from the aforementioned profiles, there are several other roles that a sports journalism enthusiast can look at fulfilling. All in all, it is a highly gratifying career option for those who have an undying passion for sports.

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