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August 12, 2015
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August 24, 2015

Stand Up For Your Game

Recently, we started a new course BCA (Game) which focuses on the coding side of games. They were asked which is their favourite games each and asked to create a PPT explaining why is it so. Sort of try and sell it to the others.

The first participant decided to stand up for Grand Theft Auto 5. He took a different approach and went with Jakob Nielson‘s principles to define why its an amazing game.

First (2)

The First Participant

The second participant found Assassins Creed 2 to be his favourite. He drew comparisons to similar games and proved why his game was better than those. But failed to mention the point that sets Assassins Creed apart. The fact that they’ve used real places and people and the accuracy of each is simply amazing.

Second (3)

The Second Partitipant

The third and final participant and arguably the most convincingly of the lot decided he would stand up for his personal favourite BioShock. The first game in the series. He just highlighted various points in his game that stood out to most First Person Shooters. The environment and the immersion as well as the lack of cut scenes in the game keeps the player more interested and in control of the situation.

The Third Participant

The Third Participant

Overall, it was good fun and a wonderful experience to see how people each see games differently and have different tastes in games.

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