Student Project: 5 Enthralling Video Games from Seamedu’s Vault
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Student Project: 5 Enthralling Video Games from Seamedu’s Vault

enthralling video games

Our students from the Game Art, Design and Development courses are firmly on the path to becoming the rising stars of the game development industry in the near future. Driven by an unbridled passion for all things gaming and mentored by some of the most respected individuals in academia and from within the gaming industry as well, these students have all the ingredients available to help forge their own successful paths in India’s burgeoning gaming scene.

As always with Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, we have given our students the competitive edge by providing the perfect tools and knowledge that allows them to experiment and develop their own creations, even as they continue to hone their craft and learn the tricks of the trade.

Here are a few prime examples of what our bright and creative student body has produces as part of its constant endeavor to master the subtle art and precise science of creating games that draw you in, keep you hooked, and enable hour upon hour of top-notch entertainment.

A closer look at some of the games developed by Seamedu’s students

  • Bomb Survivor

Bomb Survivor_1

Bomb Survivor_2

A group of students got together and developed this homage to the classic 3D third person war games. Still in its prototype phase, the game has three levels of increasing difficulty. The aim is to make your way across the no man’s land to safety while dodging the bombs and crates that rain down from the skies, and sharp spikes that suddenly emerge from the ground. There are a few strategic health packs that you can collect along the way for sustenance, and the third level even has you assemble a weapon to bring the bomber flying above you down!

  • Christmas Struggle


A fun game to that kindles the fire of hope against all odds, a feeling that we’re all too familiar with come the festive season, this game is set to a bird’s eye view format and has been developed with a touch of the macabre in mind. Yet another prototype, in Christmas Struggle, you have to lead your character to collect wood to keep a strong fire burning and keep the chill of the biting snow and frost at bay, while also ensuing that your character stays safe from the roving wolves hunting in the wild.

  • Clumsy Run



A classic side-scroller style with 2D stylings, Clumsy Run has all the nail-biting action, nostalgia, and jaunty music of the 8-bit side-scrollers that have such a revered place in the traditional gamers’ heart, but with a new-age twist to it. The lead character is absolutely wicked, and like the games of yore, beating this game requires, dexterity, timing, and a little slice of luck, too. You have to jump, run, and shoot while navigating moving platforms and avoiding obstacles, while collecting strategically placed diamonds in order to pass the level. The three students who have developed this prototype definitely have the beginnings of a winner on their hands.

  • Color Match




A definitive test of hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and quick thinking, color match is the kind of game that can keep you engrossed for hours. The premise is fairly simple, two different colored balls descend from the top onto boxes at the bottom. Before the balls hit the boxes though, you need to ensure that the color of the box matches the color of the ball that’s rapidly dropping toward it. Sounds simple enough, right? The game is anything but simple though, because the ball drops at a furious pace and you need the speed of thought, and quick hands to match to master this game. The students who have developed this game definitely like to challenge their gamers!

  • Plane Run


Another game that’s of the 2D, side-scroll variety, Plane Run requires you to get your airplane to take off, and then keep within the gaps through the rocky, mountain terrain you are piloting your way through. There are strategically placed refueling stops en route that you need to land on to gas up and continue your journey. The maker of this game has beautifully and simplistically encapsulated the feeling of adventure, and edge-of-your-seat fun of what flying an airplane through difficult environments would feel like.

  • Exit


An absolute blast of a side-scroller, Exit has an immensely detailed female lead character seeking keys and climbing above snowy abodes to reach her destination. The game requires absolute concentration and dedication to beat, and the creative students who created it have placed these keys in tough-to-reach places that require the gamer to think outside the box. The attention to detail in this game is superlative and adds an extra sheen of attractiveness to what is an already engaging experience.

All these games have been developed by first year students within a sixty-day span, in-house at Seamedu. The games are all based on the latest Unity 3D platform, and for students at the beginning of their education in the realm of game design, the effort put in to create these games is absolutely stellar.

If you want to follow in their footsteps and realize your dreams, apply for our next batch for admissions online today! We have courses to suit a variety of needs and career paths, so whatever aspect of gaming you wish to turn into a professional career, we can help you achieve it.

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