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The Right Path to a Career in Radio Jockey Stream

The FM Radio is booming with more than 7000 private and around 5000 community radio stations arising up all over India.  There are tons of opportunities for flourishing your career as a Radio Jockey and any aspiring RJ looking for a rewarding and flourishing career can make the best of every prospect available. The work life of a RJ is very satisfying as the job brings in fame and respect altogether. They get to ‘connect’ with people in a big way. If this is sounding like your kind of job then learn more on how to get started.

What is Expected from a RJ

If you have a pleasant personality dabbling with knowledge of music programming, scripting, presenting radio shows, and radio advertisements and lending voice to audio magazines and documentaries, then you have it all. Tuning in right and engaging well with the audience is what is expected from a RJ.

A Day in the Life of a RJ

A normal day for a RJ would include working eight to ten hours at a stretch. Most times their timings remain erratic. So a RJ needs to be on their toes all time and be present on all occasions. Here is an estimate of what this job entails. A normal day would include heading for work by 6:30 am. Have breakfast by 11 am when the show gets over. Plan for the next day’s programming at 12:30 pm. By 1 pm plan for the production, scripting and preparation followed by lunch at 1:30 pm. Then finish up with the interviews and extra production work by 2- 3 pm and finally wrapping it all up by 4 pm.

Right Education Needed

So now the question of choosing an institution to jump start your career arises on your mind. One such institution which takes meticulous care in shaping and molding’s one career in Radio Jockey is Seamedu. They offer a 3 months certificate program in Anchoring & Radio Jockeying. This course is unique and helps in structuring one’s talent, confidence, develop personality and Radio Jockeying.

Career Opportunities

If you are considering making a career in Radio Jockey, then you would be happy to know there is an increase in job opportunities. The job of a Radio Jockey is diversifying in nature. They can get to work in large organizations such as AIR (All India Radio). Every three months they hold auditions in their radio stations in several cities including metros. A Radio Jockey is expected to meet the voice standard and can do voiceovers for television and radio advertisements. A RJ can also work with audio magazines and documentaries. They can also get to compere or anchor live TV shows and events. So the career prospect for a RJ is nothing short of exciting.

 Pro’s and Con’s of the Career

If you are seriously interested in making a career in radio jockeying, then you need to be prepared for all the hard work that comes with it. You would be expected to perform and be pleasant at all times. One good thing about being a RJ is you get to keep the mystery element on. The connection you build with the listeners even without viewership is absolutely enriching. Your relationship would be leaning on solid ground or on a personal scale. You might have noticed people tend to share their personal thoughts or dilemmas comfortably over the radio as they get to be discreet. At the same time, you must be prepared for the worst. On some occasions, some technical glitches may arise while you are going live, thus putting you in an awkward position. Or some listeners just might use foul words out of the blue. That is the time you need to clear the air impromptu. Apart from all that, a RJ would have to be willing to work for long hours at a stretch. And yes it is wiser not to expect to get the time for relaxation.

Salary Expectations

At the entry level a Radio Jockey may expect to get 15,000-20,000 per month. The salary scale will definitely increase with time and experience. A seasoned RJ can make up to 1.5-2 lakhs per month.

The job of a Radio Jockey is a great blend of art, music and fun. It never comes short in terms of exposure, fun and money. All in all, it is a great career prospect for those interested in making a serious career.

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