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The Seamedu Game Meet with Rohit Gupta

If you have been keeping up with what we do, then you are already aware of the Seamedu Game Meet and what we did on the 7th of February 2015. And you already know that we had Rohit Gupta, founder and CEO of Rolocule games grace us with his presence. But exactly was he here to talk about? By the end of this article, you will feel like you were right there in the session with him!

Session with Rohit Gupta: Part 1

In the first session of the Seamedu Game Meet, Rohit shares what drove him when he first started off with Rolocule. He states that his sole aim was nothing but to become the best in the gaming world. He wanted to introduce games that could be entertaining for everybody. He also shares the difference between playing games and making games. He tries to reason out the level of engagement that games can bring out to drive gamers to stay hooked.

Session with Rohit Gupta: Part 2

Here Rohit Gupta with shares the students the story behind the start of his career and educational background.  He had a formal education in Computer Science and did his MSC from Columbia University. Recounting on his experience, he imparts a lesson to the students on who to keep focus as clarity is the one thing that can ensure that you are moving towards your dreams. He narrates how he had to leave behind his work to start something on his own. He had to start from scratch after coming back to India.

Session 3 with Rohit Gupta

Rohit further talks about how he took off by starting his own company. The first thing he wanted back then was to launch a company that created something that was had not hit the market yet. And that is why the first game he introduced was a squash game. It turned out to be the world’s first squash game. Next he introduced a badminton game and he had a pool of artists from abroad to help him. Here, Rohit gives credit to Seamedu and gives special mention on how their ideas came together as one.

Session 4 with Rohit Gupta

Rohit is further elaborating on the making of his second badminton game. He explains how he went on a financial crunch initially before taking off. The time process in the game went on longer than he had thought. But when the game was finally launched, it turned out to be a commercial success. Rohit tells the students to know the inside out of everything, if they are interested in making a career in any of the programs like animation, programming or gaming. His advice to the students was not to rely on education alone.

Session 5 with Rohit Gupta

Rohit emphasized on becoming an expert in the market before retaliating on anything else. The second advice that he gave was to know the concepts well and learn everything from scratch. He advised the students to dream big and work hard to become an expert. Next, he talked about Dancing Game, which was another game that he had created. He told them that it was the most challenging game that he had ever created.  The idea behind introducing this game was to showcase the rolomotion, the technology they used. But at the same time it was the least popular game they had created. He believed that the reason behind the failure was the market they went after was quite small.

Session 6 with Rohit Gupta

Here, Rohit talks about targeting the audience and keeping the engagement on. Next thing, he says, was on creating new games and introducing something new for the people each time. He shared more about his normal activity and how he loves studying about new data.

Session 7 with Rohit Gupta

He mentioned that the new game he is currently creating has 50 levels and it will move somewhere between 600 levels depending on the user’s interest. Rohit shared a lot about his work while interacting with the students. He told them to take on a different approach while looking at the various job profiles.


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