The Untold Truth about Mass Communication Careers
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The Untold Truth about Mass Communication Careers

The world of media has been going through a phase of transition and is witnessing a lot of unprecedented changes in communication technology and media operations. The entire global community has come under a single roof and it is here that mass communication plays a vital role.

Mass communication is not limited to journalism, but has spread its branches into various fields in the media business. Diverse subsets such as film direction, production, news gathering & reporting, event management, public relations (PR), advertising, corporate communication, marketing communication management, electronic media management and visual communication (graphic design, production design, photography, video, etc.) are all part of the broader bucket popularly referred to as Mass Comm or Mass Media & Communication.

Mass media has evolved into a partially interactive concept that touches upon almost every aspect of the human life and this has brought about a change in the way we live. In our society, it plays a vital role of surveillance and interpretation, socialization and also provides oodles of entertainment effectively.

Unlike the complex medical or engineering streams, you don’t really need a ‘set formula’ to make it big as a mass communication professional. All you need is the drive, the right kind of skills and the ability to communicate well. As a career, mass communication is a field that is not only highly rewarding in terms of the remuneration, but it also allows you to explore your creativity and experience unparalleled job satisfaction.

In the 21st century, technology plays a very important role in our daily lives, and thus, professionals in this field need to seamlessly fit into the demands of this fast moving world in order to communicate with a large audience at a brisk pace.

You would be required to play with words, possess useful communication skills, and have patience – another virtue that works wonders for media professionals – because it takes lot of hard work to survive and succeed in the media business.

Like a coin has two sides, mass communication as a career option, too, has both positive and negative aspects. A career in this field needs lot of dedication, commitment and sacrifice of personal time. But in the end, you can proudly say that you chose a profession that you love.

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