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July 28, 2015
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July 29, 2015

This is Why you should be Studying at Seamedu

1 (3)When we sit to look for institutions that can pave the path to success for ourselves, the first emotion we register is shock. There are just so many institutions out there that claim to be the best in one thing or the other! So many options and just one you, how do you make the choice? We wont say much ourselves. But we will share with you what the students and alumni together with some of the parents talk about why choosing Seamedu was the best decision they ever made.
Here is what the Students of Seamedu has to Say

Sharvari is a student of animation and arts. What drew her to Seamedu first was the spacious studios. Another thing she took note of was how they gave a lot of emphasis on creativity rather than sticking to old theoretical teaching. She was confident that with Seamedu she would get to learn more in her area of interest and turn into a seasoned professional. That faith still remains!

Apeksha is a media student at Seamedu at the moment and she clearly emphasizes that through Seamedu, she is able to get a direct feel of how the media industry works. She was first floored by the exposure that she experienced and then by the knowledge that she was gaining about the latest techniques and technologies coming up in the industry. Mostly because of the fact that a lot of faculty in the school are from the industry themselves.The students have a clear idea of what’s in store for them in the near future. Apeksha mentions about the number of events, festivals and contests that Seamedu holds for the students. That way all the students get to participate and put in their inputs. She says she is looking forward for all the opportunities that is coming her way.
Here is what the Alumni of Seamedu has to say
Prasaad Ganpule

Prasaad Ganpule talks about how Seamedu prepared him for what was in store for him after he stepped out of the campus and into the real world. As a filmmaking student, he got so much learning, right from scriptwriting to software workings and film direction and film production. Then he recalls the past and working on events for big channels like Star Plus, Zee TV and SONY Entertainment. All these experiences shaped him into the man into the man that he is today. Today, he runs his own production house. He credits everything that he is today to Seamedu.

In the video, Rohit quips by saying, why not Seamedu when asked about why he chose Seamedu. That small phrase pretty much says it all. He was thrilled to share how Seamedu shaped his career and how he felt that he won’t get the kind of experience elsewhere. Through Seamedu, he got a clearer picture of what sound production is and he is looking forward to give a shot in sound engineering in the near future.
Here is what the Parents has to say
Sonia Sathe

Sonia Sathe is happy the way Seamedu has helped shaped her son’s overall career growth. She always wanted to send his son to an institution that emphasized a lot on the professional career of a student. She was quite surprised and more of relieved to see that her son has taken on responsibility on his own without being told to. She couldn’t help but notice her son’s growing interest and his keenness to join the specialization courses and work hard at it. Something she had not seen ever before.
LT. Colonel Sameer Kulkarni (retd)

LT Colonel Sameer Kulkarni is pleased to share his son Abhimanyu’s growing experience in the last year and a half. He mentions about his changed behavior like his dedication towards his assignments and being punctual. He credits Seamedu for all the hard work and endeavor they have put in for their son. At present, his son is doing an internship with CityPlus.

There you go! The ball is in your court now!

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