The Verdict: Game Design, Animation & VFX Careers in India
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The Verdict: Game Design, Animation & VFX Careers in India

Remember what it was like growing up? Jaws agape at some spectacular video games, animated films and visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters, wondering how someone could create such spectacular visuals! The general consensus was that if something was spectacular it was made abroad. Fair assumption. But well, that’s no longer the case.

If you’re wondering where India stands in terms of matching developed countries in terms of the visual effects, animation and game design industry – you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Little known fact: India is a growing hub for animation and VFX

Previously, Indian artists would travel abroad to work in major Hollywood studios, now it is the major studios that come to India for their visual effects and animation requirements met. While this might sound astonishing, looking at the bigger picture, it makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few reasons why this trend is only going to grow:

  • India has a number of reputed VFX and Animation courses leading to an increasingly skilled workforce.
  • English is the primary language of higher education and business communication thereby eradicating language barriers.
  • Experts suggest that labour costs in India are also about a 10th of what they are in Hollywood.
  • Indian VFX Studios are acquiring Hollywood studios and are setting up facilities across the world.
  • According to NASSCOM, the Indian gaming industry is close to $ 890 million and there are over 100 game development organizations in India already.

To top it all off, outsourcing animation and VFX to India gives studios access to a young, creative, talented and enthusiastic workforce!

Professional courses in VFX and Game Art

It is with this growing field in mind that Seamedu has designed courses that start you off right at the beginning, getting your basics right to more advanced techniques in the fields of Game Art and VFX. Our courses are meant to help you turn your passion into a career!

Game Design: Game design is both an art and a science. It involves applying a sense of aesthetics and design to create a game. It includes everything from concept art to scripting the game and working with game engines to elicit required results from the finished games.


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Animation: Animation is the process by which images are sequenced to bring an illusion of motion. Animation may be Computer Generated, hand drawn or created from using objects in the real world. Various animation techniques are often used to create stunning Visual Effects.

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Visual Effects: VFX or Visual Effects are images created or manipulated for films that cannot be captured by live action shots.  They are used to create fantastical images that include action that is impossible or too dangerous to capture in real life or to recreate sets that are too expensive to build. They involve a combination of live action footage and imagery to create realistic looking effects.

Seamedu’s Courses for Game Design and Game Art

We offer two courses that you can join immediately after your 12th grade. Our Diploma in Game Art is a one year course that ensures you will be ready to make a buzz in the field of game art. It features six modules that cover the fundamentals of design, 3D animation, theory of game design, set designing, advanced 3D modelling techniques and game engines. You also learn how to use software like Autodesk Maya and Unity 3D amongst others.

Seamedu’s Degree in Game Design is a three year course that comprehensively covers game design. Based in Pune, it works with industry partners like Rolocule games to give you a practical learning experience apart from regular theory.  Here’s a quick look at the topics covered:

  • Designing Game Script & Storyline
  • Storyboarding for games
  • Game Design (Paper prototypes, Board Game)
  • UI Design for Games
  • 2D Assets (background & character design, props) (using Photoshop, Flash and Inkscape)
  • 3D Modeling for Game (Environment & Character Design, props, using Maya)
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Sound and Music for Games
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Working on Game Engines-Level Design (Unity3D)
  • Interrogating with 2D and 3D game engine (Unity3d)

What can you do after a degree or diploma in Game Design or Game Art?

The game industry is growing with more than 100 game development organisations in the country. A qualification in game design opens up a variety of opportunities including:

  • Game designer
  • Game level designer
  • Character animator
  • Concept artist
  • Game tester

VFX and Animation

vfx & animation

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Seamedu has teamed up with the who’s who of India’s animation industry to design and teach a curriculum that includes everything from the basics to some of the most specialised features of the industry.

Diploma in Visual Effects & Animation for Film & TV

This one year course is a hybrid of traditional and digital art, right from the basics to the cutting edge technology that is in use today. Our setup allows our students to use a Chroma Studio and Sound Studio during their practical training.

The course, comprised of six modules, covers:

  • The Fundamentals of Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Fundamentals of Animation: Clay and Cutout
  • Advanced 3D Animation
  • Compositing 101
  • Rotoscopy and Paint
  • Match Move 101

Our degree course in Visual Effects & Animation for Film & TV is spread over four years.

Here is a quick look at the topics covered:

  • Planning for a VFX Shoot
  • Live action shooting techniques for VFX
  • Creating 3D sets, assets & characters for a Visual Effect (VFX) shots
  • Painting realistic & Semi-realistic textures in Photoshop
  • Animation (CG Camera and Character Animation)
  • 3D Lighting
  • 3D Rendering (rendering Passes using mental ray)
  • Compositing (2D & 3D)
  • Matte painting
  • Develop motion graphic for televisions & live action films.
  • Roto (Tips & Tricks)
  • 2D & 3D Match Moving
  • 3D-stereoscopic (Depth /2D /3D)
  • Create live action short film projects using visual effects (Digital/Special Effect) & animation techniques.

Career Options:

The ever expanding field of VFX and Animation offers plenty of opportunities for those passionate about the subject. Seamedu also offers placement support for eligible students. A few possible career options are:

  • Storyboard Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Rotomation Artist
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Match Move Artist
  • 3D Animator

Here’s what Anoop Chaphekar, VFX Supervisor at Toolbox Studio, has to say about our course – “Students at Seamedu get in-depth, end-to-end experience of learning. Having Chroma and sound studios is a big plus. Also, knowledge partner tie-up helps students to get hands-on experience and internships at Toolbox.”

So if you are passionate about creating stunning artwork and visuals for movies and games, Seamedu has the course for you. Do contact us to find out more!

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