Visual Design in E-Commerce
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April 14, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Visual Design in E-Commerce

We hear the word Visual-Design a lot.. What exactly is Visual Design? Visual-Design is something that has gained popularity in the recent past. It is mainly to do with (as the name suggests) visuals. This title specifically is often with web design. So a visual designer is the person who usually designs the look of the elements on a website and the website as a whole. So every time you see a beautiful and appealing website, remember there was probably a good visual designer behind that.

Indian-Ecommerce-SitesIn our country currently the websites that are most popular are the e-commerce sites. Yes you probably know them as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal or any other website you shop from. These sites kind of have well sorted and well organised layout on each of these. They want these website to look and feel good, they want it to be appealing to their customers and they also want it to be easy to understand and manage.That’s where the visual designers come in. In fact, during the festive season, they change their theme to fit the corresponding season! There’s no “Rules” to follow either. This gives the designers a lot of freedom to unleash their creativity, without being limited to a certain frame of scope. This is all part and parcel of being a Visual-Designer.

ecommerce-web-designIts not a very ‘traditional’ job. Its not your typical 9-5 job and doesn’t pay the same either. Some start-up companies are offering up-to lacks of Rupees to some fresh young designers. Many e-companies are now hiring more and more Visual Designers to their ranks. The uber famous Cbazaar is looking to add 8 more designers to its already existing team of 10. A company called Uberadder doubled its team and now includes 30 Visual-Designers! So all of this suggests that this particular profession is firing up in the country due to these e-commerce websites and companies. Visual design is finding it’s feet in the country and it would be ill advised to miss out on this.

So, give it a thought… Maybe this is a better way to go then your typical 9-5 job!

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