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June 1, 2015
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What After BCA / Bsc(IT)

The last post mentions how in our country BE is seemingly one of the few selected options for student who pass out from science stream. BE is the most prominent of these preconceptions, but there are a few other courses in thisline too. Students who think they don’t want to be engineers seem to go for these lesser known cousins of the BE course, these are the BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) and the Bsc (IT) courses. It’s like their answer to the problem that almost every other person in the country is an engineer, what they don’t realise is that at the end of the course there’s not much difference between them and the BEs. Theri resultant skills are more or less the same, the only difference might be the languages they learn or something like that. But their position is essentially the same as a BE pass out. Most of them are as confused about their future as them.

 But if you are a BCA or Bsc and can’t find jobs in the IT and software industry don’t bring yourself down. It’s alright, it’s not like you’ve wasted you’re three years for nothing. You’ve learned so many things, for all you know your skills are on par with any BE out there or even more, who is to tell. It’s just that there ares so many people who pass out from all three of these mainstream course with fairly similar skills and capabilities that it’s difficult to land a job. It’s like your competition times three.

 But don’t give up hope yet. Do you think that your skills are only wanted in the IT and Software realm, then you’re probably wrong. Have you ever thought of game development as an option. Well then give it a thought already. Game Development is on a rise in the country, this might be your chance to rise with it. Honestly right now the industry in our country need trained programmers but all the coding talent here is after the IT and software dev.

 In truth the actual skills required to code for games is completely different from what you would need to make softwares or website tools, but the basics for both are the same and thats where you as student who passed out BSc and BCA come in. With a little bit of training you would be all geared for your big start in the game development industry. All you need is your love for coding and the passion for games. Everything else can be learnt. In-fact we at Seamedu offer you a chance to enhance your programming skills for making games through out one year Diploma in Game Development.

 Here Checkout this testimonial from one of our students who happens to be a BCA pass out.

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