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May 22, 2015
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What After BE

In India doing a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Degree Course after finishing the 12th standard with a major in Science has almost become a custom. If somebody is studying in the science stream people naturally assume that they are either going for engineering or medical. This mind-set has led students themselves have to think that engineering is their only option after they graduate from school. Even among these, those who opt for software engineering hoping to take advantage of the demands of IT industry in the country (which by the way is ‘old news’ now.) are beyond count.

In this confusion many students end up opting for B.E. without even planning what they are going to do after that. The problem compounds after they have finished their engineering degree, as many B.E graduates have no idea what to do after that. They have spent their years obtaining a degree but do not have transferable skills required for jobs. A lot of B.E. students from the I.T. stream have bad coding skills, no project experience and no specialization that stands out. In short they do not have the skills required for a job in the field they studied.

But there are a few who had hoped for better, but realised their colleges and the education system failed them. Also they failed to get the right guidance from their professors who have mostly never seen the insides of any company. These few students are constantly on the lookout to get out of the rut they are in.

This article right here is to show those few B.E., B.C.A. and B. Sc. Graduates one of the options which they can pursue and use to polish their dormant coding skills and specialize in one of the fastest growing industries in India- Game Development also called entertainment software development, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and Simulations industry.

What Alternative Careers can You Choose from after a B.E. Degree?

All of us who have loved playing video and computer games and continue to do so even now. But did you ever wonder how those amazing games came into existence. We still love those and passionately follow some or all them. Well, have you ever considered that maybe you could be one of the people who made these amazing ‘Entertainment Software’. A few of you may have wondered how games are made and how to get into the field when you were in college, but shied away because you were not sure how or where to start.

How does a Degree in engineering help in Game Development

The good news is your B.E. can be an asset if you’re looking to develop games?  Your coding background will make the learning curve easier. But the thing is coding for interactive entertainment products like a game is not like making average IT software. You’ll have to train yourself in an all new discipline, learn new skills, new programming languages, learn to work with game engine software’s, pick-up game design and game art skills too. Developing game is not easy as games are interactive and action takes place in real time, which is not the same as developing average IT software.

But don’t be intimidated by all this, as it is a challenge that many are taking up and are getting jobs in the gaming space. These skills will go a long way in boosting your confidence and build a brand new career in a years’ time.

You can check out Seamedu’s courses (Game and Mobile Software Development) for people like you who want to use their coding skills to develop games.

Still not confident enough? Have a look at the testimonial from one of our students who just like many of you had successfully done B.E. and wanted to develop games.

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