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A Brief History and Current Trends
Mass Communication: A Brief History and Current Trends
November 28, 2014
Why Study a Graduate Course in Mass Communication
November 28, 2014

What Can You Do With a Degree in Mass Communication?

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The question everyone asks you and even you ask yourself before making a career choice is what can you do with it after?

Everybody dreams of having that cool job that you love doing and everyone else envies you for! Let’s face it, we have all have this recurring dream, before we get into college and while we are in college. Sometimes ever after, until we climb our way up the ladder to that cool job. It is for an individual to decide what they love but we can certainly point you to the direction of some of the cooler jobs around the block, especially if you have opted for mass communications!

Before we dive into the different profiles, we have to say it again, mass communications is not just journalism. There is a vast array of subjects you study and a lot more, you can do. Here we list some of the job profiles in mass communications that are waiting for you.


Coolest Job Profiles for Those Who Survived the Mass Communications Course!

Fashion Photographer

Yes, you heard us right. Studying photography is a part of the course and if you love clicking pictures, make sure you get good at it. Once you make a name in this the field, fame awaits you. Luxury, travel to new and beautiful places, a key to the coolest places and parties in town, you can have everything that you dreamed off. And you can do it with a camera in your hand!

Film Director

No one is ever going to deny the coolness factor to this profile. You have a free pass to be as creative as you want and can with the resources you have. In the process, you not only get to live your passion but also challenge yourself limitlessly!


You can be the guy that makes things happen! As a producer, you bring in the talent and give them a space that allows them to be the best they can. At the end of the day, there are going to be many who thank you for making their dreams come true. On the scale of coolness, we rank this profile at a 10!

Radio Jockey/ RJ

Need we say more!


Love writing? Then choice is open for you. And it is unbelievably cool because you dictate the very flow of the film, TV series or whatever it is that is being made. You get to lay to foundation on which everybody else builds. What would they do without you?

Sound Engineer

The age of the silent films is gone. That is why a production would be nothing with you! The director and actors make it look good but you are the one who makes it sound good. You have control over the recording, mixing, manipulation, and reproduction of the sound. The package would never be complete without you!

Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist

Exactly what will the sound engineer manipulate if they don’t have a person to record the sound in the first place? You can be the piece of the puzzle without which the cookie would crumble! Isn’t it a neat feeling to be indispensable?

Video Jockey

At the risk of repeating, need we say more! You get to be the face of the show, the identity that everyone connects the show with.

Art Director

In today’s materialistic world, what good is a product that doesn’t look good? It doesn’t matter what you are making, a movie, an ad, a magazine, or a product, nothing sells unless it is packaged to look good. And you can’t achieve that without an art director!


It doesn’t matter if you are working in print, online content or films. Without you, putting the final piece together in the right manner would be impossible. Companies will always be banging at your door!

Event manager

Fun is something everybody wants these days. Irrespective of the purpose, the event has be fun. And it is on you to make it happen? If you enjoy the challenge of doing something new and different every time that will put a smile on faces while putting together many different pieces, this is just the profile you need to get into.

Public Relations Officer

Doesn’t the tittle itself say everything? You control the way a brand is perceived by everyone it is exposed to, the whole world actually. Power is what you have with this kind of a profile. But remember with great power comes great responsibility!

Social and digital media analyst

With this profile, you will definitely be the talk of the town. Everyone is online now and every brand wants to be online with its customers. You are the one who can make it happen. Opportunities are a plenty and the reward is equally great with the rush of a challenge and the pleasure of making it happen. It is THE package now!

So what is your choice going to be?

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