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February 2, 2015
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February 2, 2015

What do we have planned for the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015?

The present paves the path of the future. Why talk about the past when we can do now? Every Short film festival that we have organized till has paved the way for us to ways to make it bigger and better. And now the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015 is right around the corner and here is what we will be doing for you!

The plan for the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015

What good is a festival that can’t give the audience what they need? That is why have put together a plan that can give you a taste of everything from a competition to lectures.

  • A day full of workshops and lectures to bring you up to speed on everything that is new in filmmaking.
  • A 24-hour film making competition! So what if you don’t have a short film to submit? Get you team together and register for the 24-hour film making competition. The competition is tailored in manner that you need to get together and make a short film from scratch. This is an ideal setting to show the world what you are capable off even in an environment great pressure!
  • A competition in the categories of open and student in the different divisions of fiction, non-fiction, animation, and themed-based film which is women centric. If you have a short film ready, then we have a category for you to submit it in.

There is always a little of something for everything here.

Why should attend this year?

What do you look for in any short film festival? Are you looking for a place to screen your movie or maybe you want to do some more learning or is it industry exposure and networking that you need? The very reason why we have organized our festival in this manner is so that you can get it all right here! The 24-hour film competition gives you an option to present your skills and ability to perform in difficult situations while the big guns and sitting right there watching. Who knows where the next opportunity can come from? Use the opportunity we present you well and your big break could be just a few days away. And if that isn’t enough reason, we also have awards for you!

Best Director (common for both divisions) – Rs. 20,000/-

Best Fiction Film (awarded to producer) – Rs. 10,000/-

Best Non-Fiction Film (awarded to producer) – Rs. 10,000/-

Best Women Centric Film (common for all categories) – Rs. 15,000/-

Best Animation Film (director/producer) – Rs. 10,000/-

Best Student Film (common for fiction/non-fiction/animation) – Rs. 10,000/-

Special Jury Mention (common for all categories)


The Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015 is the place to be this year. And it is not too late to submit your film. With the festival now being held on the 21st of February, you now have time till the 10th of February to send them in! Take advantage!

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