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What Happened at the Seamedu Music Competition?

On the 16th of February, we kicked started the Seamedu Music Competition that came to end a few days back after having run for two months. Here is a walk through at why we set up the competition in the first place and what happened during this time frame!

Why did we set up the Seamedu Music Competition?

Talent is not what the country lacks but the right medium to show case talent is something that is missing in most cases. The same drawback can be held responsible for holding back the young talent in music production. That was the main reason behind setting up the Seamedu Music Competition. We wanted to give talent an opportunity to be heard and appreciated. That is also, why we took it online. With the online medium, the restrictions or barriers to communication and sharing of content has dropped to being almost non-existent now. Why not take advantage of the same? Let the world hear them and vote to decide! There were no restrictions to who could participate, from where they could participate. Any amateur producing their own and original music was welcome.

What did the participants have to do to win?

All they had to do, was get people to vote for their track! The competition was setup on platform that allowed the participants to socially boost the audience to their tracks. They were encouraged to share and promote their tracks on social media. The track with the most amount of votes was set to win!

What did they stand to win?

Apart from the all the love and appreciation, the winners stood chance to get the following!

  • The winner gets a gift voucher or cash of Rs. 15,000
  • The 3 most voted songs get Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones or something in a similar category and range
  • The remaining most voted tracks in the top 10 list will get headphones: Sennheiser HD203 or similar range and category

What happened during the two months?

We knew that people would be excited about something like this but the amount of excitement we saw left us humbled! With an amazing 71 entries by the closing of the competition and over 2000 votes all together, we are rather happy with the response that we received. But what we were completely ecstatic about was the amount of love that these young budding talented people were seeing on the platform. So many dropped by to listen and so many tracks had repeat listen.

It began during the very first week, when one of participants put out a track named oxygen. Many who heard it felt compelled to vote it up and the trend remained with so with the track oxygen staying ahead the rest for quite some time. But things started to heat up a little when the tracks rebond and when you were with me came into the picture and shot ahead out of nowhere!

So who won finally?

After 2 months of having people vote, on the last day, we were thrilled to see the leader board! When you were with me had held strong in the first place and rebond had held its place at second place. It was a close call between these two and oxygen followed them at third place!

Here is a snap of the top 10 tracks that will be receiving their goodies from us soon!

seamedu music competition


This was just the first edition of the Seamedu Music Competition! There will be more coming your way soon!

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