What have we got planned for the Seamedu Game Meet 2015 - Seamedu
What do we have planned for the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015?
February 2, 2015
Rohit Gupta, Rolocule Games at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015
February 3, 2015

What have we got planned for the Seamedu Game Meet 2015

Our aim for the Seamedu Game Meet was very simple. We wanted to give all the game enthusiasts something to learn and be excited about. That gave birth to the two-pronged approach of holding a competition and various sessions that cover the various aspects of game development under a single roof. We have spoken many a time about the advantages of attending game meets and what kind of a take back you can expect. Today, we tell you exactly why you can expect that and more from the Seamedu Game Meet.


The plan: What will happen at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015

Game Meet sessions and speakers

We wanted to present enough proof that to make games you first have to be gamer and then learn the process involved in the making of games. The sessions are tailored to show the participants the different career opportunities in game development and talk about the various skill sets needed from different streams to succeed in making games. So whom did we invite to take the different sessions? Below are the different sessions scheduled and the speakers who will be taking the session.

Session 1: By Rohit Gupta, CEO at Rolocule Games

rolocule, Seamedu Game Meet

Time: 10.45 to 11.45

Speaker Bio

Rohit is always high on the magical cocktail of technology and art on his mission to entertain the world. His passion lies in the love of making games and solving complex problems in the simplest manner possible. A design fanatic and programmer, he is always hungry for excellence and is currently leading the products at Rolocule. He strongly believes that “Impossible is nothing” and loves his entire team who share the same belief. His education at Columbia University changed his life. He loves sleeping but usually works at night, believes in God and reads lot of boring books because he thinks he knows nothing.


Session 2: By Jithin Rao, Game Producer, Ubisoft

Ubisoft, Seamedu Game Meet

Time: 11.45 to 12.45

Speaker Bio

Jithin is a very talented individual with brilliant management skills. His passion for making exceptional games is extremely rare which makes him an excellent leader, a team motivator, and someone with an eye for talent and quality.

His career began as a Lead Programmer with 3D PC Game Development at 7Seas Technologies. He joined as a Game Programmer with the team of 4 programmers, 4 artists and a scriptwriter on 3D PC/Console Dev. He also worked as game designer and Lead Programmer for a Multi Genre Car Racing Project for PC, mostly with the technology setup for the game (Game Engine and Framework with a Commercial Engine) during the initial phases of production. Apart from that, he has also been in the pre-production phase with scriptwriter and lead artist for another upcoming action RPG on the technology required for the game for PC/Xbox.

Then in September 2007 – May 2008 he worked with Gameloft as a Game Producer / Project Manager. He handled New Zealand Telecom Ports of more than 20 Titles to 18 handsets. He also had handled 2 Titles’ Complete Mass Ports to more than 250 Mobile Handsets. And reworked 55 Titles ( like Assassin’s Creed, Asphalt 3: Street Rules, Shrek 3, Die Hard 4.0, Driver LA Undercover 2D, etc. ) from ordinary multikey pad mobile gameplay to touch based gameplay design for the touch screen master device for Gameloft – LG KU990, with credits on the same device.

He is currently working with Ubisoft as a Game Producer for the last 7 years. He has had hand in 3 major project of 100 All Time Favourites (US) / Master All Classics (EMEA), Sports Collection (US + EMEA) and Monster 4X4 3D (US + EMEA)


Session 3: By Dr. Pravin Yadav, Technical Artist/Programmer at Shoonya3D 

Shoonya 3D, Seamedu Game Meet

Time: 1.45 to 2.45

Speaker Bio

Pravin Yadav began his journey in the world of art, and is now unbridling interesting challenges on planet of logic.

He started out as an Artist with eloquent brush, designed comic books, did 3 solo exhibitions of paintings and portraits at Bal Gandharv Art gallery. Then after completion of MCM entered into 3d world as modeller/animator, then faculty at Symbiosis/FTII, Shader writer at Krayons and Technical Director at Dreamworks. He then went on to take a great Leap and bagged a PhD in Computer Studies from Symbiosis International University. He is never in hurry to choose any particular role, instead enjoys the battle between Ingenious versus Creative versus Analytical. Currently they call him, Technical Artist/Programmer at Shoonya3D.


Session 4: By Harold Raichur, Director, School of Game & Animation at Seamedu

Seamedu Game Meet

Time: 2.45 to 3:45

Speaker Bio

Harold is a Visualizer and Creative, with a knack for Storytelling. His interests vary from Philosophy to History, Football to Animation, Books to Comics, and Teaching to Trekking.

He brings a practical & hands on approach to everything he does. A self-learnt, student of Animation, and Filmmaking in particular. He loves to write & direct original content like Short Films, Game content, Short Stories, Comics & and anything to do with the visual media.


Game Development Competition

Few realise how serious the business of making games is. The aim of the game development competition is to bring this fact into focus along with providing amateurs a platform to showcase what they have got! This is the first time ever that we are holding a competition as a part of the festival. The registration for the competition is now closed but we are happy to say that we have are going to have a tough time picking a winner!


A whole lot of fun and learning packed into a day! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. We look forward to see you all here at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015!


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