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December 12, 2014
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What we train our Sound Engineering Students for at Seamedu School of Sound & Music?

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Making a career in sound engineering is hard work. Clearing a path or as most people call it, getting your foot in the door isn’t just a step but it is your way of life.  That is if you wish to be a successful independent in the industry. And the truth is that every single one of you, deep down yearn for it, which is why you are here in the first place. The first thing you need to inculcate is an entrepreneur’s attitude. Don’t expect to only engineer, if you are starting from there, then your growth curve is already pointing downwards. Be diverse, learn how to work on different projects. If you can play an instrument yourself than that is good. But you have, a few friends who want to record, then it’s even better. Call them and try it out! If you can produce music, then that is another plus point. The more you can do, the better your odds are. But that won’t be enough. You need to get in as an intern, work crazy hours, and do more than just hand around the studio. Once you have the opening into a studio, you need work hard to get yourself assigned to a project, spend months learning the in’s and the out’s. And while you work on that project, get out there work on some bits to put together a cd yourself. You have to be prepared to learn on the go with little chance of making an error.

All this is if you have chosen to make your way. If you have chosen to study the subject, then already have a little easier than the rest of the guys. You needn’t struggle to get into and internship to do all that. But easier is not that easy either. As a sound engineer studying at a school, you still need to struggle and get a cd together. Make a portfolio that is worth sharing with the world. This is an industry that is extremely result oriented and a degree is no good if you have no evidence to support it. The only advantage you have is that the pressure of making a living is of your shoulders. If you are a sound student, then your struggle has already begun.

That is what we believe in and that is what we tell our students. But most importantly, that is what we train students to be ready for. To ensure that they actually get to keep the advantage of learning the subject, we train not in a software but in the application of that software to make music. The question you have now is if we at the Seamedu School of Sound Engineering are actually making any progress? Spare a few minutes and listen to a few of the tracks our students have put together. And then, you tell us!



Some unplugged versions remain with you, playing repeatedly in your head. This one by Ajinkya, we believe falls in that category.

Yes, they make their own music too! Sorry Maama by Kaushik will melt your heart.


Looking for some R&B? Our student has you covered! Swan Blaze will try his best to scandalize you a little.


And here is a little teaser over what the instructors training them can do!

Who didn’t love this song? Arijeet Singh has been on every chart since Aashiqui 2. Our faculty Tarun too was equally in love with his music. But he took it to another level and made a cover!


How can there not be some Bollywood in this mix? Taarun has one more track that will fit into your dream sequence perfectly.


So what do you think? We think we are very proud of our students and those teaching them!

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