Why Creativity Cannot Be ‘Taught’ in a Classroom
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Why Creativity Cannot Be ‘Taught’ in a Classroom

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The world of media and entertainment is full of opportunities for creative people who can bring fresh ideas to the table and are capable of transcending these concepts on to the screen or paper.

With the advent of digital media, the explosion of hundreds of television channels, the cutthroat competition between online news outlets and the growing need for quality content in terms of audio, video and text, the M&E industry is burgeoning with every passing year. This incredible evolution has led to a direct rise in demand for creative professionals in the various subdomains.

When we speak of ‘creativity’, we often relate it to an individual’s natural abilities. However, creativity and ingenuity are not restricted to being inborn traits, they can be developed and honed over a period of time. All it needs is a clear vision, the right guidance and self-belief. In this piece, we are trying to unravel some of the mysteries that surround the concept of creativity.

The top creative fields in the media and entertainment space include:

Apart from the performing arts, the aforementioned fields are always in need of qualified candidates who can bring in a fresh air of creativity and experimentation. ‘Creative’ and ‘qualified’ are the keywords here, since simply being either one of the two will just not cut through the clutter.

From Martin Scorsese to A.R. Rahman to Rajdeep Sardesai, you will find that formal training and education has been the foundation on which these masters have built their reputation as the most creative and respected names in their individual fields of practice. However, there is a common notion attached to learning creativity – that theoretical education is the only way to achieving creative success.

Why we beg to differ on this point is because it is next to impossible to put things into practice without practical training. The masters of the trade didn’t achieve greatness solely based on their theoretical knowledge; they had to put in hours and hours of practical training and on-the-job learning to absorb the nuances of the job.

Traditional classroom training, all over the world, focuses on getting the basics in place, which is very important. However, it fails to expose students to real-world scenarios or situations that they would face subsequently on the job. And this is where Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism differentiates itself from its peers and predecessors.

Here, we pride ourselves in delivering a 70/30 mix of theoretical/practical training. Ask any of our alumni and they will tell you that the numerous live projects, mock assignments and internships they undertook during their graduation were crucial points in their learning curves. Our motto has always been ‘learning by doing’ and it has enabled thousands of Seamedu students to grasp concepts, learn new technologies and taking practical challenges head on, preparing them in the best possible manner for their careers.

Our professional media education courses are peppered with a combination of real-world projects that students can participate in. Every month, we invite eminent personalities from the media industry to visit our campuses in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. These experts conduct guest lectures, seminars and workshops where students can interact with them and learn about how things work in the industry. Apart from these activities, students are also required to work on individual and group assignments that are part of their curriculum.

Field visits to sound recording and engineering studios, production houses, film sets and events allow Seamedu students to get a firsthand experience of what they would be required to do once they step into their media careers. We also conduct tours to overseas destinations so that students get exposure to the international media industry.

Whether it is making a song or shooting a film, a photoshoot or a character design for a game, sparking creativity is all about enabling young minds to think out of the box and put their theoretical knowledge to test through practical means.

Check out our comprehensive mass media courses in diverse subjects and get in touch with our team to know more!

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