Why is Studying Course of Journalism at Seamedu is Different and Better?
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March 23, 2015
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March 31, 2015

Why is Studying Course of Journalism at Seamedu is Different and Better?

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Journalism is a field of study that has been around many decades now. The first time the job opportunity arose was when the newspapers had become a walk of life. And as time passed, the opportunities and the skills associated with it only grew in size and responsibility. In the earlier days, newspapers ruled the world, but in today’s more tech savvy world, the rules are different. The world has moved past the times of newspapers and has entered the digital times. The first we saw of this change was with the News channels on TV and that progressed into the internet which where the written form of journalism is moving towards. While the internet seems to be everywhere, News channels are not going anywhere, they may just move there location from your TV to a YouTube channel. Everybody wants and expects more. And that is why the training that one needs to be a part of this world must also be different. That is exactly what we deliver at the Seamedu course of journalism.

We start at the very foundation where are students learn the basic foundations in media and journalism like News and news worthiness, treatment given to news and various platforms of presenting news first. And then grow into the more functional essential skill of reporting. And no they don’t get to just read about it and then write an exam to clear their course. They need to go out there, develop a story idea, go on the field, take bites, gather information, give P to C to create informative news story. With the video format taking over slowly even online, we ensure that our students stay ahead of the game by giving them all the knowledge and practice they need to learn and master the art of anchoring. They work on facial expressions, hand movement, body language and pronunciation under the guidance of highly qualified faculties and professionals on a regular basis. In addition, we also train them in the art of camera operations on the latest HD camera and editing on Final Cut Pro and Avid. And all this is done with a more practical and application based approach. All this done taking into account that every medium that they use is different and require a different set of writing skills. Once they learn the basic functions of these skills, we train them to adapt it for the various other mediums that they need to utilize them for. Our post graduate students having already learnt the basics receive the additional benefit of learning to work on investigative pieces, feature journalism and photojournalism.

But then everyone says they are different. So how are we really different? We may be teaching the same things but how we teach it is what makes all the difference. Here are the reasons presented in a nut shell.

  • Hands on experience with live new projects and interactive sessions
  • Television News simulation to get live news anchoring experience
  • Mock interviews and talk shows with multi camera set up with online editing
  • Production of TV news bulletins, special reports, feature stories and documentaries
  • Publishing newsletters, magazines for print media
  • Production and post-production skills for print, TV and Online media
  • Guidance from renowned professionals from the industry
  • Workshops by experts from TV, print and online media industry
  • Educational tours to TV channels and production houses

Take a look at this video and you will see how we make a difference!

After all this, we make an effort to ensure that our students get a good start into the professional lives. We have various print and electronic media houses coming in to give our students opportunities in esteemed media companies as reporters, correspondents, anchors, Bulletin producers, production executives, cameraman, video editors, sub editors, photojournalists. Today we have an alumni network spreading across various media companies like network 18, ABP news, TV 9!

That is why you study the Seamedu course of journalism!

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