Why Should You Attend the Seamedu Game Meet?
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December 31, 2014
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Why Should You Attend the Seamedu Game Meet?

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The gaming industry is on its way up. The recent Nasscom GDC was an eye opener on to the growth of game development industry & the practitioners. It was very heartening to see the growing change particularly amongst parents , as a large no of school children were not only showcasing their games but were also getting game developers, educators & much senior students playing & commenting on their games.

The current game development business scenario is heartening but at the same time every developer we talked to have a big pain point- finding the right TALENT. More than a dozen game studio from all across the country were willing to offer internships too our students.

Every industry is dependent on the quality of talent; the game industry also needs talent. It needs designers, artists both 2d & 3d, concept artists, visualizers, & most important programmers. Every time I talk to parents I emphasize on how games is a digital medium (Mostly in India) & for anything to be digital it has to be programmed. That means game development is part of IT. The reason to use this round-about route is to make it easy of the parents to understand that making games is a paying job & to get that job one has to be trained at a very high level.

I would also like to tell them more, that game developers are product developers, it is a field for highly skilled talent, with a world market for their products. But I find it will confuse the parent & the students.

But at the same time as an educator it is my job to show both parents & students the reality of this industry as I believe it will encourage more parents to send their children into this wonderful & rewarding field.

Why the Seamedu Game Meet?

That’s where Game Meet comes into the picture. The game industry doesn’t have many events where people can get the required information. A national level GDC by Nasscom is well known amongst game industry people & game school students. But what about the guy/girl in school or junior college who needs to know about this career too.

At Game Meet, we bring together experts who are out there every day and have made a name in game development for themselves. These experts have worked on big & small games, started Game companies and their games are played all around the world. They will talk about how to break into the industry, the latest in game technology, discuss their newest game & its challenges, the trends of the industry, the right & wrong of game education & much more.

As a beginner there are many ways to learn, especially with the internet and the connectivity that it provides with the rest of the world. But why depend on second hand information that you can’t be very sure off, when you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth? It is after all your career at stake here.

If you are a student or an amateur looking to get into the world of gaming, it is not just the learning that will benefit you. You get the right platform to learn, network and connect with individuals which will not only open your mind but also the doors to the world of game development.

Game development competition

The fact it is that when it comes to gaming, you can talk all you want but what matter is whether you can make one or not. Most companies take a risk in hiring a fresher, they gauge them as best as they can but from the businesses point of view, there is still some risk involved. But what if you already have a functioning game built and ready to show? Then you needn’t talk, you can just show. And what if it has already won an award? Even better. That is the whole purpose of setting up a competition of this kind! You can come and put your skills to test. At the same time, you never know who is watching your work. It may be just what you need to land that job you have been dreaming about!

Join us. Help us help you take a step forward!

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