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November 28, 2014
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November 29, 2014

Why Study a Graduate Course in Mass Communication

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When the concept of education in mass communication came up, it was an instant hit.  The career prospects that it opened up was so wide that it was simply irresistible. It wasn’t just the number of options but also the kind of options too. All of a sudden, there existed a path that could lead one right to the doorstep of that cool job that they dreamed to have one day. But we are not here today to talk about those cool jobs, we are here to talk about the benefits of picking mass communication as your graduation degree. Before we start with presenting the benefits of a graduate course in mass communication, we have to specify that you have access to this subject as a graduate course, as a 2-year postgraduate course and short-term courses. Any course that broadly covers mass communication in a period less than 2 years, is not recommendable. This requires a great deal of studying a wide variety of subjects and it is not quite possible to learn it all in that short a period.

Moving on to our reasoning on why do a graduate course in mass communication. It all boils to down to one very strong reason that is the course itself. Mass communications as a course covers a wide range of studies. It is not just about learning how to use the media especially the electronic media. A student of mass communication studies in reality has to study six core subjects – Journalism, Video Production, Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, and Audio Production. Each course in itself has such a wide range of theories, subjects and practical applications that they each have a masters level course dedicated just to them. Journalism in itself can be split into print journalism and electronic journalism where you learn the skills of reporting, writing, and editing stories. When it comes to audio and video production, most courses or rather the good courses teach the theoretical data and practical skills of handling equipment like video camera, still camera, editing Software’s and audio recording equipment’s. All which you need to know before you start a career in the same. To add further to the reservoir of knowledge, advertising brings in the concept of studying the market and the functioning of an ad agency along with practical studies like how to you design an ad campaign. Event management demands that you study all the tiny and trivial details of what is needed to organize a corporate event from the very word go. Last but not the least, public relations or PR as we all know it, helps you understand everything about who all a company needs to maintain cordial relationships with. And it is not just the customers but also the other entities that take part in ensuring the smooth functioning of the business. It could be a dealer or the employees too. Once you have that figured, the course dives into how to ensure that you actually manage to keep all the connected entities happy. Studying mass communications is essentially about learning all the different aspects of communicating with a large number of people with whom you have not had a prior personal contact. With training in so many different aspects, a student of mass communication has the option of stepping into many different profiles and even studying it further. It is for this reason we say studying mass communication as a graduate course helps. In these few years, the student has the freedom to explore and find out where his or her passion lies and study it further. It is after all wise to start early and decide well. Picking a graduate level course also comes in handing when applying to study the selected division of the course further. A graduate student already has a running start when compared to those who come from a different background. And that certainly helps when you step out into the world for a job. It also opens the doors to better postgraduate mass communication courses.

In our opinion, if you now at that cross road where you are expected to pick a field of studies and you have a passion towards any of the fields that mass communications covers, pick a graduate or bachelors in mass communication course. It is definitely worth it!


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