Why we say Seamedu Short Film Festival is synonymous with Industry Connect
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January 1, 2015
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January 1, 2015

Why we say Seamedu Short Film Festival is synonymous with Industry Connect

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A short film festival is only as good as the experts who choose to be a part of it. After all, that is, where the industry connect comes from. In this aspect, we at Seamedu can proudly boast a short but sensational list of well-known and respected names whom have been kind enough to put their faith in us. You find it hard to believe us when we say call it a sensational list right? Keep reading and you will find out for yourself.

Samar Nakhate

short film festival, Samar nakhate

With a BSc (hons) , post graduate diploma in cinema and film direction from FTII and advanced training in the fields of Video Programming and Production from the Boston University, U.S.A, there is no doubt that is he one of the best names to be called upon to talk to the young talent. His acclaim doesn’t end there though, as the former dean at FTII, he has over 20 years of teaching experience under his belt and has been involved in the organizing of many festivals for film and theatre across the country. There are few in the country who known to be as good as him in delivering a class or a workshop!

Kiran yadnyopavit

short film festival, Kiran Yadnyopavit

Taranchye Bait, if you have been following the Marathi movie scene, then this movie needs no introduction. And this movie has been directed by Kiran Yadynpavit. Born in the small town Chinchwad of the Pune district, Kiran has come a long way in making a name for himself. The day he realized his love was writing, he got into the world of play writing and there was no looking back after that. It takes grit to make a name in this industry and who better to teach the aspirants about that than Kiran himself?

Sunil Sukhthankar and Sumitra Bhave

short film festival

This filmmaking duo has contributed a great deal to bringing up the standards of Marathi filmmaking. They have to their name till this day 3 international awards, 6 national awards and 45 state awards. And they have made 8 feature films, 5 tele films and 40 short films. Their films usually explore the rather ironical social structure that exists in India and extends beyond the terms of entertainment. We just had to bring in the influence of these two wonderful human beings to shape the young minds of today!

Devika Daftardar

short film festival, Devika Dafatdar

Actors are the face of a movie. And Devika Daftardar has done a great job of it till date. With many well-known movies listed under her name, she undoubtedly among few actors who are capable of presenting the world of movies through the eye of an actor.

Wasim Maner

short film festival, Wasim Maner

As a director and cinematographer, Wasim Maner, has been a part of the industry for a long time. He is also one of the few who can boost such versatility in the kind of movies they have made. His expertise varies from making wildlife documentaries to training movies to agricultural films and now a feature film HOU DE JARASA USHIR. Can we ask for more from a guiding expert?

Indraneil Bhattacharya

short film festival, Indraneil

An award winning documentary and filmmaker, and a published scholar, his presence certainly was a great learning experience for everyone who heard him speak! His 18 years of experiencing in teaching only made it even more of delight for those present. Learning was unlimited with him around!

Gayatri Chatterjee

short film festival, Gayatri Chatterjee

A true blood film expert that is who she is. This independent scholar of film studies has won a swarna kamal for the best book on cinema in 1992 and has another as a part of the prestigious Film Classics Series of the British Film Institute. Along with these credits, she also has a teaching experience across India, Europe and the United States and works with the Indological studies too. It was a treat to have her with us.


We simply cannot thank these wonderfully talented people enough for their time and patience. Our festivals would have been nothing without their gracing presence.

If you want to know who we have lined for you this time around, make sure you come and attend the Seamedu Short Film Festival 2015

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