Your Guide to Careers in Media Production Management: Navigating the Industry

Did you know India is one of the fastest-growing global media and entertainment (M&E) markets? According to PwC, this media production industry will grow significantly over the next five years. Despite the unforeseen economic slowdown, this media production industry remains largely unaffected. The wonderful thing about this domain is that it continues to perform despite economic downturns or sudden nosedives in the macroeconomic environment.

The major contributors to this growth are the emergence and increasing popularity of OTT (Over-the-Top) services, online gaming, and digital advertising. Yes, you read that right. While it is perceived as part of the IT domain, the gaming sub-sector belongs to the entertainment and media production industry.

When we look at the M&E domain, the media production industry provides employment (direct and indirect) to five million people in India alone. 


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And even if we were to look at sub-sectors in silos, the numbers are staggering.

  • The Indian media production industry is expected to post a CAGR of 5 per cent till 2024. 
  • India's animation and VFX industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16 per cent by FY24 and reach Rs 184 billion (US$2.63 billion).
  • India’s music industry is ranked 15th globally and is expected to enter into the top 10 by 2022.
  • India has the largest youth population in the world, making it one of the hottest destinations for game development
  • Currently valued at $890 million, the gaming field in India is expected to grow at a rate of 14.3% annually, with mobile games occupying 71% of the share.
  • The global games market is anticipated to reach $196.0 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of +9.0%.

Have you ever wondered how a huge number of people and functions come together and work seamlessly to bring an idea for a film, song, series, advertisement, game, or video to life? Well, it is a combination of foresighted planning, efficient media production, workforce management, and project administration that culminate into the final product that we consume as audiences. We refer to this specialized function as media production management.

The flood of OTT channels and the increasing popularity of various online games (mobile and PC) have massively increased the amount of content being created. Given the complexities involved in making original games, films, or other media assets, the demand for professionals to manage media production is at an all-time high.

Furthermore, most game projects involve multiple individuals or teams collaborating on design, media production, and development. In most cases, these teams operate in different geographies and work on a tight turnaround schedule, making working efficiently and in a structured manner even more critical.

Given the rate at which projects are initiated and completed, media businesses of various types and scales constantly need qualified professionals to take care of production's creative and managerial aspects. Producing any project requires a combination of efficiently managed remote teams, multiple stakeholders, diverse skills, and complex processes.

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Role of Media Production Management

Media production management has a massive role in the media production industry. The potential losses a business can suffer due to project mismanagement are unthinkable. Media houses, the media production industry, news channels, animation and VFX studios, game development companies, radio channels, game production companies, ad agencies, and digital media production agencies need specialists who can streamline and supervise the entire lifecycle of a project. These specialists are called media production managers.

  • Planning the project on paper
  • Hiring the right people for the project
  • Getting the right media production technology on board
  • Budgeting and financing
  • Allocating funds for various processes
  • Scheduling the project
  • Filming and recording
  • Outsourcing work to third-party teams
  • Coordinating with the various teams involved
  • Managing remote workers and teams
  • Ensuring the smooth completion of the project

In short, media production managers oversee a project's critical aspects, from initiation to completion. Their job also involves generating reports during or after a project. So, apart from the creative elements that go into making any project, efficient media production management is also essential to all kinds of audiovisual productions


Career Opportunities in the Media Production Industry

The opportunities are manifold and rewarding for those who wish to enter the domain in a managerial role. Here’s a list of careers you can explore in media production management:

  • Media Production Manager
  • Media Strategist
  • Media Planning Manager
  • Channel Head
  • Assistant Media Production Manager 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Game Production Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Media Analyst
  • QA Manager
  • Production Coordinator
  • Department Production Manager
  • Show Production Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Unit Production Manager

How Can You Make a Career in Media Production Management?

As mentioned above, it is an excellent time for young professionals to enter this media production industry and become media production managers. As with any other profession, you need a combination of formal training, industry exposure, practical experience, and specific skills to build a rewarding career in media production management.

While you will find hundreds of B-schools with impressive business management and business administration programs, only a few will give you the choice to specialise in media production management.

About Seamedu’s PGDM in Media Production Management

Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism has recently launched a first-of-its-kind PGDM in Media Production Management.

The two-year program is broken down into four semesters and is designed to cover all the key areas of media production management, including:

  • Management Principles
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Media Aesthetics
  • Operations Management
  • International Business
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Workforce Management
  • Visual Media Production
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Technology
  • Game Production Management
  • VFX Pipeline Management
  • News Media Production Management
  • Media Entrepreneurship
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While it provides students with a strong foundation at the conceptual level with theoretical or classroom learnings, the program also comprises of practical training with components like:

  • Guest lectures by industry experts
  • Seminars and webinars
  • Workshops and practical assignments
  • Live industry projects (hands-on training)
  • Industry visits (to production houses and media companies)
  • Internships (at the end of each semester)

Rated as one of the top media education colleges in India, Seamedu is known for its strong industry connections, unparalleled infrastructure, experienced teaching faculty, and vibrant learning environment. With this media production management course, the institute is taking the next step in creating skilled managers for the media production industry.

What is also interesting to note is that since the program trains you in the basics of business management, you can explore careers in other industries, too.

The influx of OTT platforms, the steady popularity of films and music, and the expanding market for online games (thanks to the presence of development centres like Microsoft, Nvidia, UbiSoft, Electronic Arts, Disney, and Sony) has created excellent opportunities for media production professionals in the entertainment and media production industry. 

Are you ready to become tomorrow's media production manager in the Media Production Industry? 


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Written by: Nikhila Kotwal

Last updated: 28-06-2024

Nikhila Kotwal is a passionate researcher and writer. With a master's in communication and journalism, Master in English Literature and PGDM in New Media Journalism from Asian College of Journalism, she has a versatile knowledge of Media, Communication and Journalism.

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