BA | Journalism & Media Production


  • News beyond words: Enhance research skills to develop compelling content across print, web, and multimedia platforms.
  • Beyond Journalism: Immerse yourself in the world of Advertising, PR, and Corporate Communications, mastering industry-relevant skills.
  • Culture as canvas: Weave the tapestry of society and culture into your projects, giving voice to diverse perspectives.
  • Multi-format mastery: Hone your writing skills across online, print, and broadcast formats, becoming a versatile communication professional.
  • Authentic storytelling: Navigate challenging situations with journalistic integrity, reporting news stories that matter.
  • Ready for the spotlight: Train to thrive as an anchor, confidently engaging audiences on any news channel or platform.
  • Digital Savvy: Dive deep into the exciting world of digital media production, mastering video editing, audio production, and social media storytelling. Become a multimedia journalist equipped to work in the new-age journalism.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with experienced media professionals through guest lectures, internships, and industry expert mentorships. Build a robust network supporting your career growth and opening doors to exciting opportunities.
  • NEP-aligned Journalism course: Inter-Disciplinary curriculum as per NEP 2020.

Semester 1

  • Media Communication and Concepts
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Translation Skills
  • News Production for Television and Print

Semester 2

  • Media Technology
  • Reporting and Journalistic Writing
  • Development Communication
  • Digital Media Production and Techniques
  • News Production for Television and Print
  • Podcast Production OR Photojournalism

Semester 3

  • Media Laws and Ethics
  • Media and Society
  • Production of Live Shows
  • Anchoring and Presentation Skills
  • Media and Culture

Semester 4

  • Public Relations and Journalism
  • Media and Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Media Research
  • Political Reporting OR Introduction to Opinion Writing

Semester 5

  • Global Media Trends
  • Feature Journalism OR Civic and Crime Journalism
  • Business Journalism OR Sports Journalism
  • Data Journalism
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Documentary Production
  • Internship

Semester 6

  • Final Project
  • Research Paper Publication
  • Internship

Let’s learn about your career opportunities once you graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

  • Reporter
  • Content Writer
  • Video Editor
  • Sub-Editor
  • Photojournalist
  • Video Journalist
  • News Producer
  • Input Editor
  • Content Creator
  • Radio Jockey
  • Radio Content Creator
  • Podcast Producer
  • Public Relation officer
  • Corporate Communication Officer
  • Public Policy Consultant
  • Content Research Analyst
  • Spokesperson
  • Page Designer

Bachelor's in Journalism and Media Production offers a balanced curriculum which will introduce students to the basic ethics of Journalism and also the changing trends in Journalism. Apart from traditional courses on print and television, the course has newer avenues in Journalism and content creation on digital platforms. Dynamic subjects in the new curriculum for Journalism and Media Production like Gender issues in Journalism, Political Communication, Basics of the RTI act, etc., help to groom students in a holistic way.

Going beyond Journalism, there is a need for a media course that also concentrates on Digital content. With changes in print, television, and digital news formats, there is a need for a course that provides comprehensive knowledge of producing content for all platforms. In the age of media convergence, diverse platforms demand the same skill set, making a course on multitasking indispensable. In the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, apart from the basics of journalism and techniques, you’ll learn the ethics of journalism. This course will teach students the journalistic and technical skills required for New Age Journalists.

We offer Bachelor's in Journalism course in two Universities - ADYPU 

Yes, both study material and reference material is provided to students.

Yes, Our placement officers help students in their internships and placements.

You can get opportunities in print, broadcast media, and digital platforms like news websites and YouTube channels. Students can also opt for alternate media, which is coming in a big way. There are opportunities in various private companies, including IT companies and government departments, as corporate communication officials. There are various fields of PR work, primarily for politicians, celebrities, and big finance corporations, among others.

Industry experts conduct Seminars and workshops almost every week on different topics considering their areas of expertise.

Content is the key to Journalism and mass communication. One must understand the art of creating quality content in words, photos, or audiovisuals. Knowledge of basic camera operations and editing skills is necessary to generate content. Design tools and specific applications create content for different media platforms like television and digital media to reach target audiences with the desired effect. Media production considers all these aspects, from visualization to making the final product. 

Mass communication transmits a message to the general populace through various media like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and the Internet. It also involves media theories, research, advertising, public relations, media history, and management. On the other hand, journalism is a subset of mass communication that involves the compilation and transmission of news through these mediums. Journalism education seeks to develop well-rounded professionals capable of performing a variety of roles and responsibilities, including writers, reporters, photojournalists, anchors, news presenters, correspondents, feature producers, creative writers, interviewers, camerapersons, directors, editors, documentary filmmakers, radio jockeys, promo producers, and others.

Journalism gives a stable career. With traditional mediums like print, television, and radio still holding their grip on the market, digital platforms and news on social platforms have opened newer avenues in journalism.  There are ample opportunities and permanent jobs available in journalism, public relations, corporate communication, and the research field, which needs its basics in journalism, mass communication, and media production. When you talk about a field like Media & Entertainment, where there are opportunities galore, it would be almost foolish to say that there are no jobs or job security. Whether you prefer getting employed as a full-time employee with a media organization or find the project-to-project working style more suitable to your personality, there is something for everyone here. Journalism, especially, has so many subsets and dimensions that you can be anything you want to be, as long as you have the prerequisite skills and education in place!

Other than the jobs in traditional mediums like Print, Television and Radio, the digital platform and news on social platforms are the newer job opportunities. There are also opportunities in various private companies, including IT companies and government departments, as corporate communication officials. There are various fields for PR work, especially for politicians, celebrities, and finance, among others.

  • Watch, read and browse through the daily news
  • Read up online about journalism and broadcast media
  • Follow the leading news channels and print subscriptions
  • Develop the ability to write in a different style for different media platforms
  • Try writing your versions of published pieces of content or news
  • Start capturing the events around you using your smartphone or camera
  • Learn to shoot and edit videos of good quality
  • Meet current and past journalism students and ask them all the questions you have to
  • Sign up on LinkedIn and other job portals to keep an eye on what journalism recruiters expect from potential hires.

Journalism and media subjects research and analyse current events and distribute reports for public consumption through various media channels. A journalism and media course prepares the students with a foundation for research, critical thinking, communication skills, ethics, and accountability necessary for working in media and news production organisations. This course also helps students hone their media production skills to understand new-age journalism better.

Journalism and media play a critical role in facilitating the general public's access to information. And thus, it is the responsibility of media professionals to look at the situation subjectively and report the truth behind the issues. Learning about media gives you the tools to achieve this and give authentic information to the public.

You must complete 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks. Students from any stream (arts, science, or commerce) are eligible for journalism and media production undergraduate courses.

If you have the following skills, you can succeed in a role in journalism and media production:

  • Communication skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Persistence

  • Research skills

  • Digital literacy

  • Logical reasoning and objectivity

  • Investigative reporting

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Technical know-how

Journalism and media production graduates can find employment opportunities in:

  • Media production houses

  • News agencies

  • Marketing and advertising agencies

  • PR firms

  • For-profit corporations

  • Non-profit organizations

Upon completing the journalism and media production undergraduate course, you can explore diverse career opportunities, such as:

  • Reporters

  • Content writers

  • Photojournalist

  • Video Journalist

  • Content Creator

  • Radio Jockey

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Corporate Communication Officer

  • Public Policy Consultant

  • Content Research Analyst





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My experience at Seamedu has been very wonderful till now. It has been 3 years since I have joined the college and I have learnt a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. Most importantly the placement of Seamedu college is very good. I received the opportunity to get selected in one of the leading companies . Faculty members have been supportive throughout. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.

I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been a part of SEAM. They have consistently provided me with a plethora of opportunities that not only enhanced my skills but also enriched my core knowledge. The co-curricular activities which were actively held in SEAM created a vibrant environment that were fun, intuitive and engaging. I am grateful for the placement team in SEAM for their relentless support and encouragement which empowered us to push our boundaries and helped me to utilise my skills in the future at such a reputed organisation.

The best thing about seamedu apart from its industry standard equipment and studio is that they focus more on interactive and practical learning. Their curriculum is so well designed that it gives us a variety of career options to choose from. The institute has an amazing and highly qualified faculty, their experiences in the industry helps the students gain a lot of real world knowledge.

I am pursuing a Vfx and Animation degree here in Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism and I am very glad that I did. All the staff members and faculty members have been so helpful throughout my journey and provided with all the help and support I can get and it goes far to say that I learned so many new things from the teachers. The placement department has been really supportive and helpful through which I was able to land an internship cum job opportunity. Overall it has been a really great journey here in Seamedu.

I studied BCA Game development here. There are experienced faculties to teach the game programming and design with a great placement support team, and companies do come for placements, like really nice companies. I really recommend this institute to pursue game development as a career.

I am pursuing BSc Sound Engineering in Seamedu & I must say that this is one of the best institution for media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game, development, etc. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students.

Hi I am Sarwaswa and I am pursuing my BA in Animation and VfX in Seamedu college in Pune. I am happy to say that this is one the best Institution for Animation and VfX. It was a wonderful experience with the faculties of the college. They also have a separate placement faculty for the final year Student. I would recommend those who are interested in chasing their dreams should choose Seamedu.

The teachers here are experienced and will guide you in every way possible. There are many workshops and activities that take place which are both fun and productive. The placement Team is one of the most supportive and engaging parts of the institution. They help every student in any shape or form to secure good jobs and packages.

With a reasonable fee structure, Seamedu is one of the best institutions for media and entertainment industries such as photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game creation, journalism, and so on. The professors are highly talented, well-qualified, and supportive of professional development. The Institute features laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms, and technology that is up to industry standards. They also connect students with industry experts through a variety of programmes where they may discuss real-world business scenarios. The institute's placement section is also incredibly helpful, encouraging every student to follow their passion and offering internships and positions to everyone who applies because seamedu has so many partners for placement.

Seamedu is one of the best institutions for the media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography,sound engineering,video game development, journalism, etc with a decent fee structure. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms and they also connect industry experts with students through various workshops discussing about actual parameters of industry situations. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students as seamedu has so many placement partners.

I would recommend this college to people who are pursuing film making since they give you in depth knowledge about film making, and make you learn a lot of things and insights!

I'm a graduate of Seamedu Pune 2020 batch. I must say this college has been an integral part of my audio engineering career! This institution has industry standard infrastructure, facilities and faculties. One can expect to learn and enhance skills in any specific stream in the media and entertainment industry, be it film making, audio technology and music, photography or game development. Another plus is a great network of professionals.

Seamedu - School of Pro-Expressionism is a leading media school offering diploma & degree courses on various streams in Pune including film making, photography, visual effects, animation, game art, game design & development. I've had good experiences and learning in college.


We, at Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism believe that regular interactions with eminent Industry professionals and Corporate leaders from Media and Entertainment Industry, can contribute to the all-round development of the students. The placement department conducts regular guest lectures, seminars and workshops, by inviting the experience Industry professionals to share their experiences with our students.Training & Placement activities relevance to Soft skills learning sessions are conducted regularly so as to enhance their overall development for personal & professional grooming.

seamedu seamedu


Faculty 2

Dr. Sukhada Khandge

Associate HOA - Journalism and Media Studies

Dr. Sukhada Khandge

Associate HOA - Journalism and Media Studies

Dr. Sukhada Khandge - PhD Inter-Disciplinary Folk Media | University of Mumbai. She is a passionate journalist and a researcher. While practicing journalism since 2008, she has worked with various national dailies likes Pune Mirror, DNA, Free Press Journalism, Sakaal Times. In her journalistic career. She entered into academic field and is currently pursuing Ph.D. at Mumbai University’s Performing Arts Department She has been associated as faculty with various institutes like MIT-WPU, MIT-ADT, Pillai College, Panvel, Hinduja College, Mumbai, Khalsa College, Mumbai. Sukhada has also completed Film Appreciation Course from the reputed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. She was also a part of research team for ZeeQ’s Documentary ‘Satrangi’ based on Folk Arts. As a part of research, she has also presented research papers in various national and international conferences.

Faculty 3

Sunil Kumar K

Senior Faculty- Journalism

Sunil Kumar K

Senior Faculty- Journalism

Sunil Kumar K is a Filmmaker and a researcher. He completed his Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Yogi Vemana University, Andhra Pradesh and B.Tech in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Andhra Pradesh. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in media studies from Jain University Bangalore. In 2021 he qualified the Andhra Pradesh state eligibility test(APSET). He is PG Gold medalist. He has 9 years of experience in Filmmaking and worked as an assistant and associate director for some films like oru modhul oru kadhal, adu magadu ra buji, lakshmi devi samarpinchunede chudandi, etc. He directed a film in Kannada under Simplijith productions.

Faculty 4

Aditya Havile

Faculty - Journalism

Aditya Havile

Faculty - Journalism

Aditya Havile is passionate content creator working in the field of journalism and filmmaking, Since 2012 actively worked in theatre , film production along with various visual media. He has worked as an assistant director for Disney Hotstar, MX Player, Jio Studios as well as casting associate for platforms such as Colors Marathi, Zee Yuva. He has worked with Marathi newspapers such as "Sakal" and "Lokmat". One of his work was honoured with national award entitled as "Dhappa" (Marathi movie) where he was designated as production Associate. For past two and half year he is working in academics in Rayat Shikshan Sanstha under video production branch. Maharashtra Government has awarded Aditya with title as "Yuva prerana Award" for highest number of street plays on social aspect in 2018.

Faculty 5

Prasad Pawar

Assistant Professor - Journalism and Media Studies

Prasad Pawar

Assistant Professor - Journalism and Media Studies

Prasad Pawar is an accomplished educator and former UPSC aspirant who is dedicated to fostering the young minds. With over three years of experience in the field of education and a UGC NET certification, Prasad has established himself as a knowledgeable and passionate media educator. In his stint as an educator, Prasad has worked with Ranade Institute, Pune and is also engaged with Ramnarian Ruia College as a Board of Studies member. Prasad's background in strategic thinking and international affairs has given him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the world today. He is known for his engaging teaching style and his ability to make complex concepts accessible to his students. He is passionate about his work and takes great pride in the achievements of his students.

Faculty 1

Nikhila Kotwal

Faculty - Media Studies

Nikhila Kotwal

Faculty - Media Studies

Nikhila Kotwal is a passionate researcher and writer. With a master's in communication and journalism, Master in English Literature and PGDM in New Media Journalism from Asian College of Journalism, she has a versatile knowledge of Media, Communication and Journalism. With a three-year teaching experience at SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, and two-year industry experience in Marketing and Content Writing, she has a balanced approach of theory and practical knowledge.



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