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Diploma in Film Making (Pune | Mumbai) 

Film making techniques and trends are changing faster than one can even finish saying, “Lights, camera, and action!”

The diverse ways in which stories are told and exhibited are evolving and film makers, the world over, are adopting new technologies and mediums create and disseminate their content. Hence, as a film enthusiast, it is essential that you have a strong sense of old-school filmmaking as well as an eye on where it is heading.If you are looking for film making courses or film editing courses in Mumbai or Pune, you are at the right place. Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, a highly-rated film direction institute, is striving to help its students achieve this with its diploma offering in film making. At the core of the ever-evolving world of film making, the experienced faculty at Seamedu ensures that the artistic as well as the technical side of subject is taught to aspiring storytellers in detail.

Acknowledged as one of the best film direction colleges and cinematography institutes in India, Seamedu’s diploma in film making is perfect for those looking to hone their film direction, production, cinematography and editing skills.

Instead of generic film direction, film editing or cinematography courses, our specialized diploma in film making and direction equips you with all the precise skills you would need as a film maker.

Software you will learn
  • Adobe Photoshop (Photo Editing & Designing)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Digital Film Editing)
  • Final Cut Pro (Digital Film Editing)
  • Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics & Compositing)
  • Avid Media Composer (Digital Film Editing)
  • Final Draft (Script Writing)
Gears you will use
  • Sony A7S Camera
  • Chroma Studio
  • Godox Light Setup
  • Canon C200 Digital Cinema camera
  • Samyang Prime Lens Kit
  • Tiffin Lens Filter
  • Matte box with Follow focus rig
  • Light Reflectors and Diffusion
  • Slider
  • Gimbal
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Color Grading setup
Prerequisites / Eligibility
  • 12th / High School / Graduate / Post-Graduate/ Equivalent
Awards (On Completion)
  • Diploma in Film Making with Specialization(i.e. Direction/ Editing / Cinematography) from Seamedu (SCMP-Film Making)
  • A Qualification Pack (QP) certificate from MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council)

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  • A comprehensive foundational study of the entire process of film making
  • Specialize in either direction, cinematography or editing
  • Exciting short film projects: Fiction short, non-fiction short, corporate AV, Public Service advertisement, music videos and webisodes
  • A well-equipped Chroma studio with all lights and equipment
  • Working with professional digital cinema cameras and lenses
  • Post-production software such as Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Cloud Collection
  • Training program conducted by industry experienced professionals and faculties
  • Interactive sessions with professionals from the film and television industry
  • Industrial visits and study tours to production houses, studios, reality shows, TV channels and film sets
  • A ‘learning by doing’ pedagogy which emphasizes on practical sessions rather than just theory
Filmmaking Foundation (4 months)
  • Introduction to Film
  • History of Cinema
  • Production Process
  • Fundamentals of Camera
  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • 2 -3 minute short film Project
  • Fundamentals of Editing
  • Introduction to Light
  • Fundamentals of Script Writing
  • Fundamentals of Direction
Specialization – Direction (8 months)
  • Various Types of Films
  • Script Writing
  • Colour Theory
  • Production Stages
  • Cast & Crew Selection
  • Recce & Production Design
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Creating Drama in Films
  • Visualization of Screenplay
  • Dealing with Actors
  • Narrative Development of Film
  • Genre & Film Studies
  • Fundamentals of VFX
  • Directing the Non fiction
  • Editing & Sound Design
  • Final Project
Specialization -Digital Film Editing (8 months)
  • Principles of Editing
  • Films Analysis
  • Colour Theory
  • Continuity & Narrative
  • Various Genres
  • Technical Aspects
  • Post-Production Stages
  • Montage Theory
  • Editing Practical Using Software
  • Sound Editing
  • Advance Editing
  • Various Output Formats
  • Introduction to VFX & Graphics
  • Software – FCP, Avid Media Composer, Premier, Photoshop, After Effects etc.
  • Final Project
Specialization – Cinematography (8 months)
  • Introduction to Different Camera Formats
  • Lensing & Operation
  • Camera Movements
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Visual Design
  • Understanding Colour Theories
  • Visual Aesthetics
  • Shooting for Visual Effects Production
  • Shooting for Various Genres
  • Digital Intermediate & Colour Grading
  • Multi-Cam & Steady Cam Workshop
  • Different Cameras, Lenses and Grip Equipment
  • Final Project
  • Director – Fiction / Non-Fiction
  • Script Writer
  • Art Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Line Producer
  • Asst. Director
  • Executive Producer
  • Technical Expert
  • Production Controller
  • Editor
  • Short Film Maker
  • Short Film Editor
Why film Making?

Film Making is a collaborative profession which requires the right skills, techniques and aesthetics and a passion for storytelling. Candidates from any stream can apply themselves in this field and pursue a highly satisfying career and high-income opportunities in this field. The art of Film Making calls for a highly creative and professional learning environment, and that is exactly what you get at Seamedu.

I have no film experience. Is this program is for me?

Yes, the institute’s course structure is designed in such a way that any individual with little or no film making experience can opt for the program.

What are the digital editing software students use to edit their films?

Students enrolled in Seamedu’s Film Making course will have hands-on experience on Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere. Students who pursue specialization in editing will also learn how to use other postproduction software such as Adobe after Effects, Photoshop, and Soundtrack Pro.

How much access will I have to equipment?

The institute maintains the best ratio of equipment for students to their practical’s or project. Depending on the program, students check out their camera and lighting packages on a daily basis, for weekend shoots, or for one and two weeks on longer productions. The editing lab is open till late night for students.

Does Seamedu provide hands-on training to the students? Will I get any practical experience in making films?

All classes at the Seamedu institute are designed with a practical approach. We believe in the concept of ‘learning by doing’. Our students shoot films on regular basis with professional equipment.The course structure is unique as we provide specialization from day one. We conduct workshops, seminars, industry visits and guest lectures by professionals on a regular basis. For our specialization courses, the practical-to-theory ratio is approximately 70:30 (percent).


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Program Leads

Ritabrata Mitra

Sr. Faculty – Department of Film Making

Ritabrata completed his Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism, specializing with Electronic Journalism, from University of Mumbai.

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Sumant Abhyankar

Sr. Faculty – Department of Film Making

Sumant is a significant part of our film making faculty and has the CV to match. A longstanding career as part of the

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Ganesh Shinde

Asst. HOA – Department of Film Making

Ganesh Shinde is a well-known figure in India’s television and film industry. His potent body of work includes credits as a Film Editor on

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