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Applications are open now

Disclaimer: By pressing “Enroll Now”, you consent to your name and email address to being added to the third-party system, we will use for your application.

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Digital Video Production

A practical oriented program to learn digital video content creation from anywhere. We call it Personalised Virtual Learning. Personalised because even though this program is virtual you are not left all alone. Our teachers and mentors will meet you every week, talk about the challenges you're facing and also help you build a professional portfolio at the end of the programs.

After completing this program you will be able to

  • Produce professional-looking Video content to be monetized through digital distribution.
  • Visualise innovative concepts showcasing products and services, while ideating content for travelogues, tech reviews, vlogging and other forms of Digital Video Content like Brand Videos, Digital Commercials and Corporate AV’s.
  • Exhibit a strong proficiency with Mobile Production & Post-Production, along with DSLR-Mirrorless Cameras and Computer-based Post-Production programs for Editing, Audio and Visual Effects.

Program Timeline

Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline

Program Content

  • Introduction to Digital Video Content
  • Emergence of TV, OTT & Branded Content (Global)
  • Introduction to TikToks, Vines, Long Form Narrative, Mini Series & Anthology
  • Emergence of TV, OTT & Branded Content (India)
  • Reviewing of Video Introduction Assignment.- Introduction to Video Essays, Vlogs & Travelogues and the phenomenon of 'Vertical Tiny Videos'.
  • Visual Communication (Different Forms of Communication)
  • Colour Psychology
  • Framing and Composition
  • Grammar of Camera Movement
  • Grammar of Camera Shots
  • Review Video Essay Assignment.
    - Introduction to Visual Grammar I
  • Different formats of Visual content - Feature, Short film TVC, PSA, Corporate AV, Animation
  • Doubt Clearing Class.
    - Introduction to Visual Grammar II
  • Review of 10 Shot Framing Exercise
    - Difference of Visual Grammar between Feature Films, Branded Content and Digital Videos.
  • - Aesthetics of Short Form Video Content (For Eg: Watchtower of Turkey, Music Videos) Doubt Clearing.
  • Ideation and Concept Development for Short Form Content: Branded
  • Brand Integration/ In Film Branding
  • Writing for TVC's
  • Writing for Corporate AV and CSR Films
  • Action Tracking Assignment Review.
    - Doubt Clearing Class
    - Branded Video Content Writing Guest Session
  • Digital Camera & Different types of Cameras
  • Different Types of Lenses
  • Concept Review of Product Video Assignment. Doubt Clearing.
    - Virtual Practical: Mobile Camera Tricks and Techniques
  • Lighting & the Exposure triangle
  • Understanding Vertical Phone Cinematography. Video Capabilties of your Phone & Gears for your Mobile
  • Virtual Practical: DSLR/Mirroless Camera Tricks and Techniques
  • Filmora GO
  • Kinemaster
  • Live Editing Demo (Handholding Edit)
  • Role of the Director (Films, TVC's & OTT)
  • Role of the Content Creator (Vlogs, Travelvlogs, Socialmedia)
  • Directors Breakdown and Treatment Docket
  • Review of Product Video Assignment.
    - Doubt Clearing Class. - Class on Production Process I
  • Adobe Premiere
    - Class : Practical Demo of Creating a Rough Cut
    - Class: Practical Demo of Refining your Rough Cut
  • Assignment Review
    - Third Review of Final Project Concept & Feedback
    - Adobe After Effects
  • Reviewing AFX Doubt Clearing.
    - AFX Live Demo Class
    - AFX Live Demo Class + Adobe Premiere Recap
  • Location Recording
  • Choosing the right Track
  • SFX, Foley & Dialogue
  • Sound Mix
  • Review of Clip with Edit, Effects and Sound Mix. Recap and Doubt Clearing
  • Sound Mix Demo by Sound Faculty
  • Webinar with Influencers
  • Masterclass on Monetizing Your Content
  • Showreel Building and Promotion


  • Personalized Virtual Learning
  • 10 hours of learning every week
  • A mix of Live + Pre Recorded sessions so you can take the course in your time
  • Recorded classes not more than 15 mins
  • Minimum 2 hours of live class every week
  • Professional Portfolio on Completion
  • Quiz after each Module completion
  • Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty One 2 One
  • Peer to peer assignment reviews
  • Live Workshops

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Highlights of SBL Pro

Personalized Virtual

10 hours of learning every week

Minimum of 2 hrs. of live class every week

Recorded classes not more than 15 mins

Peer to peer assignment


Professional Portfolio on

Quiz after each Module

Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty 1-1

Live & Pre-recorded

Career Opportunities

Professional Youtuber
Video Content Creator
Digital Film Producer and Director
Corporate AV Director
Digital Cinematographer & Editor


SBl Pro is a learning ecosystem where students get a well-balanced combination of virtual, live and mentored learning by academic and industry experts.
SBL Pro stands for Seamless Blended Learning to become a Professional. This is a wholistic approach to online learning, where students can learn at their own pace at the same time have timely one on one interaction with the concerned faculty. They are mentored and nurtured by our excellent faculties and guided at every step personally.
Our objective is not to leave students alone in the virtual learning world

Unlike other EDTECH companies, Seamedu is a Media Academy with more tthan 12 years of training under graduate students accross fields like Game Design, Photography Sound Engineering, Film Making, VFX, etc. We have more than 75+ teachers avaialable to impart industry standard knowledge. OUr Alumni's are working in the core in Media industry. We have trainned more than 2000+ students across 12 years.

With Personalised Virtual Learning we ensure that the students are not left alone while taking the course. WIth the recorded sessions we provide live classes and one on one mentorig that will provide studnets with a holistic learning experience.

Aspiring storytellers who want to develop their aesthics with the right tools. You can be anyone regardless of your age or profession, but who has a passion to learn about filmmaking and content development. SBL Pro will set you in a clear direction to further develop your career.

The unique thing about SBL Pro is that you will get mentorship from the faculty, one on one workshops by industry experts and complete guidance in building a strong portfolio to Jump start your career.

1. Any Camera with Lens that has video shooting capability.
2. A laptop.
3. Strong enough to support Adobe CC suite, DaVinci Resolve.
4. Hardware requirements are a MacBook Pro or PC
5. Steady Internet connection of at least 10Mbps

You will get a SBL Pro Certification and a showreel. You showreel which will consist of a wide variety of assignments and projects that will help you smooth-land into the industry.

Plenty. With the advent of OTT and social media channels, the avenues for making content are no longer resptricted to only a few production houses in film and television. A wide spectrum of opportunities have opened where one can be associated with a platform, production house (Film, TV, OTT, Digital and Advertising), digital channel or go independent.

We have you covered for with all the options, If you are time bound and cannot travel to our centers then SBL Pro is the perfect program. You can even do it along with your School/college/or while woring full time. IF you wish to do a full time program with a diploma or undergrad degree then we have those options avaialbe as well. Please reach out to our Student Sucess team member to get more info

We have industry experts and academicians on our team who will be conducting live lectures and sharing their knowledge. For more information, you can visit the seamedu website and check the facutly for filmmaking. Here is the link-

Digital Video Production is a 16 weeks program.

This is a part time course with informative videos you can watch at your own pace. There are also weekly online classes with our expert faculty. In these classes you can clear your doubts or even dig deeper into the topic.

Yes the course videos are always available through our Learning Management System. There will be 1-2 online live classes in the evening or weekends. Incase if you miss those as well, you can watch it later. Most importantly you will need to complete the assignments and projects

Digital Video Production is a mix of pre recorded lectures, live classes on Zoom and interactive workshops. You will have to work on practical and research based projects and assignments at your own time. You will be requrired to invest 8-12 hours per week on your own to upskill yourself

Yes there will be many virtual activities such as webinar's, seminars and workshops where experts from the industry come share their knowledge of the media industry and the changes happening in it.