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Applications are open now

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Pro Tools User Certification

Introducing AVID Pro Tools user certification program which helps you learn at your pace which we call personalised virtual learning. Our teachers and mentors will meet you every week to conduct live classes, give demonstrations and monitor your progress. Being an Avid Certified Pro Tools user verifies that you possess a fundamental understanding and the capability to use Avid Pro Tools to engineer a project through to completion, with all of the fundamental operational skills to record, edit, mix and output the finished session with an industry recognised certificate.

After completing this program you will be able to

  • Showcase AVID Pro Tools 101 and 110 user certificate
  • Use functions of Pro Tools
  • Edit and Mix in Pro Tools
  • Set a workflow for your sessions
  • Use tools like EQ's, Compressors, Reverbs and Delays

Program Timeline

Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline

Program Content

  • Physics
  • History of Sound
  • Sound Propagation
  • Introduction to Pro Tools and Basics
  • I/O Setup, Basic Routing and Importing Audio and Video
  • Overview of Menus and Functions
  • Creating a session, Importing Audio
  • Recording Audio and MIDI
  • Session Configuration and Memory Locations
  • Editing Audio and Mixing Basics
  • Setting up session and Working with media files
  • Editing and Pre-Mix
  • Audio and MIDI Quantization
  • Working with groups and Loops
  • Automation
  • Exporting formats
  • Mixing a track in Pro Tools
  • Using Eq's
  • Using Dynamic Processors
  • Time Based Effects
  • Modulation Effects


  • Personalized Virtual Learning
  • 8 hours of learning every week
  • 2 live classes of 2 hrs. each per week
  • Reference material uploaded on LMS
  • Recordings of live sessions would be available
  • Project reviews in class and creative discussions
  • Learning by doing model
  • Less theory and more practical
  • Peer to peer assignment reviews
  • Online test after every module
  • Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty One 2 One
  • Professional Portfolio on Completion
  • Live Workshops

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Highlights of SBL Pro

Personalized Virtual Learning

10 hours of learning every week

Minimum of 2 hrs. of live class every week

Recorded classes not more than 15 mins

Quiz after each Module

Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty 1-1

Live & Pre-recorded

Career Opportunities

Recording Engineer
Mixing Engineer
Sound Editor


"SBL Pro is a service line where students get a well-balanced combination of virtual, live and mentored learning by academic and industry experts.
SBL Pro stands for Seamless Blended Learning to become a Professional. This is a holistic approach to online learning, where students can learn at their own pace at the same time have timely one on one interaction with the concerned faculty. They are mentored and nurtured by our excellent faculties and guided at every step personally.
Our objective is not to leave students alone in the virtual learning world."

Unlike other EDTECH companies, Seamedu is a Media Academy with more than 12 years of training undergraduate students across fields like Game Design, Photography, Sound Engineering, Film Making, VFX, etc. We have more than 75+ teachers available to impart industry-standard knowledge. Our Alumni's are working in the core of the Media industry. We have trained more than 2000+ students across 12 years.

With Personalised Virtual Learning, we ensure that the students are not left alone while taking the course. We provide live classes and one-on-one mentoring to provide students with a holistic learning experience.

This course is designed for musicians, producers, and engineers who wish to be a certified Pro Tools user.

The unique thing about SBL Pro Pro Tools User Certification program is that you will get live classes and mentorship from faculties who are certified AVID Pro Tools trainers.

You will require a Laptop/Workstation, monitoring headphones, Audio Interface and a specified version of Pro Tools. You will need zoom installed on your system and a good Internet Connection. If you have any doubts on equipment purchases you can consult our faculty during classes.

On successful completion of the course, you will get a Pro Tools 100 level user certification from AVID.

Yes there are plenty job opportunities like being an audio editor, sound recording engineer and a sound mixing engineer.

We have you covered for with all the options. If you are time-bound and cannot travel to our centres, then SBL PRO- Pro Tools User Certification Program is the perfect one for you. You can even do it along with your school, college or while working full time. We have those options available if you wish to do a full-time program with a diploma or undergrad degree. Please reach out to our Student Sucess team member to get more info.

Your trainers and mentors for SBL Pro Pro Tools User Certification Program are AVID certified Pro Tools trainers.

This is a 8 week program

This is a part-time course with weekly online classes with our expert faculty.

There will be two online live classes in the evening on weekends. If you miss those, you can watch it later as those recordings will be made available on the LMS. Most importantly, you will need to complete the assignments and projects.

The Program consists of live classes and workshops conducted every Friday & Saturday. Apart from that, every lesson will be supported by an assignment, quiz or activity that students must complete before the next class. A set of reference material will be provided with every lesson to help you study the topic in-depth at your pace. Thus every week, you are required to invest 8-12 hours in upskilling yourself!