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Welcome to Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism.

From million-dollar projects to immensely successful brands, our alumni have worked with the best names in the Media, Entertainment & Communication industry. Our current batch of graduate and diploma students, too, have been associated with acclaimed media houses and thriving studios to experience real-world scenarios and work on challenging assignments.

While natural ability and raw talent are fantastic traits, it takes streamlined training and deep domain knowledge to hone these skills and put them to use. Creating awe-inspiring content and transforming it into audial, visual or AV masterpieces is both an art and science that students get to learn at Seamedu.

With the Media & Entertainment industry going through a purple patch at the moment and digital technology making its presence felt, specialized fields like film making, photography, app development, broadcast journalism, sound engineering, music production, VFX & Animation and game design are in need of qualified professionals who can take the mantle of creating the next-gen masterpieces.

If you have the fire, the passion and the will to take the leap, all you need is direction. And trust us, these careers are rewarding in every sense – creative, intellectual and monetary!

Course details, career options, projects, placements, faculty, infrastructure, campus news, interviews – whatever you need, you’ll find it all right here, in the Students’ Corner.

Here’s wishing you an awesome-sauce career in media!

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