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Why I Chose Seamedu

Studying in Seamedu has widened my perspectives and knowledge about the field of Photography. There is a set of prolific Faculty panels who are proficient and extremely supportive.
They have arranged valuable and most enlightening workshops for us where we get to learn about the experiences the guest lecturer has encountered in his profession. These workshops proves to be very helpful for students and inspires us to try harder in our and achieve our goals.


I can positively say Seamedu has broaden my horizon and given me best education provided for media field. It has helped me develop  a positive attitude towards my studies and discover various aspects of Photography. Practical and hands on experience is given a greater preference .
Atmosphere is always vibrant, fun , acknowledging and interactive. Faculties are supportive and encourages us to try new pathways.


I am glad to be a student of Seamedu . Seamedu is an institution that gives importance to creativity, art and media . Besides having an excellent panel of faculties Seamedu also arranges  Workshops for us from time to time by established photographers.
We also have been to different study tours  and have discovered landscape photography , wildlife photography , field photography etc. These tours have shaped me to be more confident about my work and experiment.


 I have enjoyed learning about photography at SEAMEDU .  Seam has a very artistic environment and every student I have encountered has something innovative to share.
Besides, Photography Seamedu also excels at Sound, Film, Animation and Game dept.
It makes Seam a very interesting platform to learn about something new from my college mates. The labs are well equipped and have large collections of camera for students to work with. We have experimented and learned about different genres of photography within a short period of time.


I am currently in my 2nd year of my degree course at Seamedu and I am immensely satisfied with our degree program. The labs are well equipped and was the first thing that caught my attention at Seamedu. They provide us with various ranges of Camera and light set ups to work with. We have our own Photography Studio to carry out shoots for fashion photography, table top etc. We are given different types of projects which helps to explore our options beyond our Interests.


Being interested in media field Seamedu was the best choice I made for my degree program. Workshops by guest faculties are an enlighten factor  for us as the guests are well experienced. Seamedu also has one of the best faculties who are not only experienced but also allow us to putforth our ideas and creativity.
One of the best factor of Seamedu is that they select students after an Interview process , hence only interested and determined students are selected through.


Seamedu is one of the best colleges in India for a degree program in Photography. As Seamedu is a media college we have been also introduced to different genres of media apart from Photography.
Many events  are held for students throughout our academic year where we are able to    showcase our talent and what we have learned throughout the year. Not only the faculties are supportive but also the administration staff is helpful as well.
We are also taken on tours from time to time to explore more about outdoor photography, landscape , street fashion etc.