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Ableton Live – Music Production Course

Course Description

This three-week-long intensive Ableton Live Certification, a professional music production course, is aimed at anyone with an eagerness to create music using Ableton Live. From an absolute beginner and intermediate, through to an expert level producer, you can all apply for this course and will benefit from the shared knowledge of the Ableton course’s certified tutor. This Ableton Live 9 course will take you through the basics of audio, an essential understanding of the history of recorded music, physics of sound, decibels and reading meters, studio equipment conducive to music production in the home or professional studio space, unto learning Ableton Live as a tool for music creation and live performance.

Pre Requisite :  None

Awards on Completion :  Seamedu Ableton Live certification on successful completion of the course

Who Should Take This Music Production Course? : 

  • DJ’s
  • Musicians
  • Aspiring Music Producers
  • FL Studio users
  • Anyone who wants to make music

Course Details


Days of the Week





Monday, 27th November  Mon – Sat  11 a.m. –   5 p.m. 3 weeks (21 days) 45,000/- + GST Pune

Course Highlights

•   Globally recognized training from an Ableton Certified Trainer.

•  Unlimited access to the well-equipped music production lab, 1:1 student to workstations ratio for class and practice before and after the classroom training.

•  Hands on access to MIDI keyboards, push 2 controllers and an analog synthesiser.

•   Seamedu Ableton Live training Certificate upon successful completion

Course Content

  • Introduction to audio
  • Physics of sound
  • Decibels and metering
  • Studio equipment for home and professional setups
  • Fundamentals of digital audio
  • Digital signal processing via the use of audio effects
  • Foundations of electronic music production; MIDI, sampling &synthesis
  • Introduction to Ableton Live 9 and the concept of live performance and programming
  • Newest features and developments with Live 9 & Push 2
  • Managing the session preferences
  • Ableton’s session and arrangement view, their various applications
  • Using the browser, info view, groove pool auditioning and applying grooves
  • Toggling between the clip and devices view
  • Global quantization settings
  • Creating tracks. Using draw mode and writing in MIDI
  • Signal routing, understanding sends, inserts and using audio and MIDI effects as inserts/sends
  • Recording audio as a session view clip and/or in the arrangement view.
  • Audio warping and warp modes
  • Loop play back and punching in and out for recording
  • Using audio sample libraries within Ableton, tweaking and customizing them
  • Use of the clip, launch, sample or notes box and envelope controls
  • Linked and un-linked envelopes, clip follow actions and dummy clips for effects
  • Editing, cutting, moving clips, using the delete time, duplicate time or insert time commands
  • Setting up play back and meter change markers
  • Programming drums using Ableton’s drum rack or impulse device
  • Synthesis, sampling, using Ableton’s simpler, sampler and other build in instruments
  • Using 3rd party synths, audio/midi effects and creating instrument, audio or MIDI effect’s racks
  • Hot swapping presets and devices
  • Mixing in Ableton
  • Writing automation
  • Converting drums, melodies and harmony to MIDI
  • Track Freeze and flatten
  • Arrangements and setting up for live performance
  • Importing and working with video
  • Exporting audio and video
  • Introduction to the push 2 controller
  • Loading samples, programming drums and sequencing beats
  • Playing instruments while staying in key, simplifying music theory for non-musicians.
  • Step sequencing melodies, harmonies using the Push 2 controller
  • Navigating, Step sequencing, Mixing and recording automations.
  • Mixing and live performing using the push 2 device

About the Faculty

Hozaifa Sayed

Faculty Department of Sound Engineering

Hozaifa has been an educator since 2014 and currently teaches in the Sound engineering department at Seamedu. Being an Ableton Certified trainer he uses Ableton extensively and covers topics such as studio equipment, microphones and miking techniques, signal processing, ear training and mixing as part of this course. Since 2015, he also runs an independent mastering service under the name Waves Kraft Mastering.

Hozaifa believes in teaching Ableton and its related concepts in a functional way that allows students to develop their own way of working with Live, as well as help them create their signature sound through sound design, sampling and signal processing and synthesis techniques. Hozaifa has had the honour of representing Ableton at the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), Mumbai 2017. His dedication to teaching was recognised by the IRAA (Indian Recording Arts Awards), when he was nominated for and received the Dronacharya Award for teachers in Audio Education for the year 2017.


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