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Seamedu is a unique and leading Media School founded in 2008, established to produce world-class talent in the fast evolving Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry. At Seamedu we bring to you a diverse set of unconventional career courses, opening up many new horizons in the existing career-scape. Our focus is to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by offering industry-relevant courses in all major specializations.

M&E is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries in the world today. In all fields of M&E, there has been exponential growth, because of the web revolution, presence of multiple digital channels as well as dawn of OTT platforms. Artists, technicians and programmers need to be focused on specialized skill sets, and have an advantage in case they are professionally trained.

M&E industry has also become more organized, geographically spread, and complex industry; and needs to be professionally managed. Professional training in specialized skills is critical for the success Artists, technicians and programmers. M&E marketing professionals are required to handle the marketing aspects of products and content in the current global and competitive landscape.

India is riding the crest of this wave of media success, and has become hub of content creation and is seeing rapid expansion in all facets of the media industry.

At Seamedu, we offer specialized programs in various M&E streams – Sound Engineering, Filmmaking, Photography, Animation, Visual Effects, Game Art, Game Design, Game Development, Broadcast Journalism, and many others. We also offer Post Graduate Diploma courses in Media Marketing and Production Management, with primary goal of producing world-class management professionals for the M&E industry.

All programs are designed and delivered based on our mission to provide – holistic, experiential and globally relevant learning. We help students to reach their maximum potential, and emphasis is given on developing entrepreneurial skill by fostering creativity and innovation.

As Seamedu, we believe and fully practice experiential learning. We provide contemporary education with sharp focus on practical learning that involves the use of methods such as case studies, workshops, seminars, project work, and internships along with extensive industry participation. Our faculties are industry professionals who are proficient, knowledgeable, creative, and can seamlessly transition from the classroom to the field.

At the end of the course at Seamedu, every student would be fully equipped to enter the professional world of Media & Entertainment and make a successful career!

We welcome you all to our Institute & wish you Good Luck, as your journey begins.

School of Pro-Expressionism

At Seamedu we bring to you a diverse set of career courses based on the world-celebrated theory of Expressionism, for you to hone your unique set of skills. In our school, education is a tool to trigger expression.

We believe the best stories are those that evoke emotions speaking directly to the heart. We help you find your story by tapping into that boundless imagination trapped inside of you. We empower you with the art of expression and equip you with just the right skills to develop your passion into your profession.

This phenomenon when expression gets a professional edge, we term as ‘pro-expressionism’. At the onset of your journey here, you will master the art of expression and at the end of it; you will be inducted into the school of Pro-Expressionism. You would be a Pro in the world of media, an industry that has, and will continue to grow exponentially.


Shiva P Gupta - MD & CEO at Seamedu

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Seamedu was founded with the idea of opening up many new horizons in the existing career-scape. Our key objective has always been producing world-class talent for the evolving and fast growing Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry.

In the last couple of decades, the web revolution, presence of myriad of digital channels, various OTT platforms have led to many fold growth in companies in all fields of M&E. India has emerged as one of the hubs for content creation.

Over the last decade M&E has evolved and has moved to becoming a more organized industry with structured processes and corporate culture. Professional training in specialized skills is critical for the success of artists, technicians and programmers. The overall content production process has become complex, and needs to be professionally managed. Globalization, presence of multiple media channels and competitive landscape, requires professionals to manage marketing in M&E.

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