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Degree in Broadcast Journalism (Pune)

The profession of journalism is continually evolving with new technology. Whether it is watching news bulletin in the morning, following the hottest debates at primetime, or keeping abreast with all the happening around you on your smartphone’s news feed, our need for information is greater than ever. Today’s journalists need to keep up with fresh new tricks and twists so that their stories reach their audiences as quickly, accurately and as imaginatively as possible.

Our Broadcast Journalism degree course not only imparts the technical skills that are needed to reach out to audiences via a variety of mass media like , TV, radio, video, and the internet, but also teaches our budding journalists to wield their influence wisely and ethically. In a world driven by all things digital, we emphasize on equipping our students with key skills that they need in order to thrive in the broadcast space. Our broadcast journalism degree course bodes well in the modern journalism arena (compared to regular mass communication courses) since it focuses on internet, television and radio journalism as opposed to traditional print journalism.

As one of the leading journalism colleges in India, Seamedu offers a highly specialized Broadcast Journalism degree course in Pune to educate enthusiastic young people into becoming proficient and principled journalists in an era of digital journalism.

Prerequisites / Eligibility
  • 12th / High School / Equivalent
Awards (On Completion)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (Broadcast Journalism) degree from a UGC recognized University located in Pune

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  • Practical Training in News Production
  • Reporting skills
  • Dedicated Training for Various News Beats
  • News Anchoring
  • News Writing Techniques
  • Feature Story Production
  • Live Television Studio Production
  • Interview Techniques & Panel Discussions
  • Video Editing on Industry Standard Software
  • Camera Operation & Multi-Camera Setup
  • Web journalism & Creative Writing
Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Media
  • News Reporting
  • News Writing
  • News Anchoring
  • Camera & Editing Operations
Semester 2
  • Advance Reporting
  • News Package Production
  • Crime, Political, Sports, Business & Entertainment Reporting
  • Photojournalism
  • Advance Camera & Editing
Semester 3
  • News Bulletin Production
  • Live Reporting
  • PTC & Walkthrough
  • Magazine Designing & Editorial
  • Feature Story Production
Semester 4
  • Live Studio Program Production
  • Multi-Camera Setup
  • Special Theme Studio Lighting
  • Online Editing
  • Debate & Interview Programs
Semester 5
  • Web Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Documentary Production
  • Digital Media Operations
Semester 6
  • Dissertation
  • Project
  • Internship
  • News Anchor
  • Reporter (Television / Print)
  • Creative Writer
  • Documentary Producer
  • Camera Person / Video Journalist
  • Special Program Anchor
  • PCR Controller
  • Bulletin Producer
  • Production Executive
  • Feature Producer
  • Web Journalist
  • Content Writer
  • Content Researcher
What is the scope of journalism as a career?

Journalism has numerous career choices and has huge scope to suit your capabilities and interests. Graduates of the broadcast journalism course can find careers as reporters, correspondents, anchors, bulletin producers, production executives, video journalists, cameramen, video editors, sub-editors and photojournalists, to name a few. The media industry is a rapidly growing one.There are more than 300 news channels 24 hours on air, and they need skilled and talented manpower.

What is anchoring?

Anchors are considered ‘the face’ ofa news channel.They anchor news bulletins, conduct panel discussions and interviews, and deal with breaking news. News anchors should have strong journalistic skills. Respected anchors inspire trust within their audiences and can often hold a great deal of influence over them. News anchors work from the studio or may travel to do on-site or live reports and feature stories as well. They can also work erratic hours to conduct research or to be at the scene of ground-breaking events to report them as they occur. News anchoring, news casting, special show anchoring, panel discussion anchoring and interview anchoring are some subsets of this career.

What is Reporting?

Reporting is basically gathering news and verifying it for telecast. Reporters have to compose and structure information in such a way that viewers will receive and understand it easily. Reporters analyse and deliver newsworthy stories through different forms of media so that the viewers can be aware of and understand important events as they occur. Correspondents research various stories, topics and may also interview people for a detailed analysis. Reporters can also specialize in a particular news beat such as Crime, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Science and Technology. A reporter’s job involves travelling to various places for news coverage.

In which types of media organisations do you provide placements?

Seamedu students are encouraged from day one to develop a network for knowledge sharing and future growth prospects. We help our students with placements in news channels, with newspapers, news portals as well as more offbeat organisations like documentary production companies, film production houses, etc.

What facilities do you provide?

We provide our students with all the necessary equipment to learn the skills necessary for their respective fields like cameras and multi-cam setups, editing software, professional shooting and recording studios, etc.


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Program Leads

Hemanth Rawate

Associate HOA - Department of Journalism

Bachelors and Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, Diploma in Television news Production and is UGC-SET qualified.

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Sagar Gokhale

HOA - Department of Mass Communication

He has an expertise in Broadcast Journalism, Development Communication and Media Criticism and has been a well known figure in Television

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Amey Polekar

Associate HOA Department of Broadcast Media

He has an expertise into domain such as Broadcast journalism, production and reporting. He has 15-years career in television journalism

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