Degree in Game Development (Delhi)

  • 3 Years
  • 12th or PUC Second Year
Awards (On Completion)
  • BCA (Game Development) degree from G. D. Goenka University located in Delhi.

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Life at Seamedu

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  • Project and Output oriented course structure
  • Industry-relevant practical exposure to the game and mobile app programming industry and hands-on experience with various tools
  • Empowering students with the ability to build multi-platform games using various game engines
  • Providing students with the competencies and skillset needed to develop mobile applications and games for iOS and Android
  • Exposing the students to the industry through various workshops conducted by industry professionals and experts
  • Faculty of experienced professors and certified trainers
  • Events such as interclass gaming competitions and board game expos are hosted to simulate end user feedback for the students
  • Students are taken to influential game development events to further their knowledge and exposure
  • Practical assignments and projects are assigned to give the students hands-on experience
  • Hands on experience and learning of AR and VR technologies through HTC Vive.

The Indian gaming industry is booming big time and is set to hit the $1 billion mark in the next two years, according to a KPMG-Google report. From Chandigarh to Bengaluru and from Mumbai to Kolkata, gaming companies are expanding their reach and presence across India. The demand for great games means that game development studios are constantly on the lookout for pros who can help create novel games.

If a GG (Good Game) gives you a high and you are the exact opposite of being a noob (newbie), you might just be cut out for a career in game development! Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism offers a three-year degree in Game Development that teaches you the nitty-gritty of game programming, coding languages, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. Based in Delhi, this game development course by one the best game development colleges in Delhi is designed to help young students develop into well-rounded professionals who can fuel the growth of the gaming industry in India.

Up your game with Seamedu’s game development courses in Delhi. Game developer's FTW!

Semester 1
  • Programming using C#
  • Game Development – I
  • Game Design – I
  • Mathematics
  • General Elective 1 (Any One)
    - Software Engineering
    - Programming with Python
  • AECC 1
    - Environmental Science

Semester 2
  • Basics of Web Programming (HTML+CSS)
  • Programming using C++
  • General Elective 2 (Any One)
    - Casual Game Development
    - Arcade Game Development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data Structure
  • AECC 2 (Any One)
    - Communicative English
    - Media & Information Literacy

Semester 3
  • HTML Games Development
  • Game Design - II
  • Game Development - II
  • Elective 1 (Any One)
    - 2D Game Project
    - 3D Game Project
  • General Elective 3 (Any One)
    - DBMS
    - Digital Marketing

Semester 4
  • Multiplayer Programming
  • Game Development – III
  • Augmented Reality
  • Elective 2 (Any One)
    - Blueprint Game Project
    - Browser Game Project
  • General Elective 4 (Any One)
    - Integrating Online Services
    - Career Development
  • Data Communication & Networks

Semester 5
  • Virtual Reality
  • Game Development – IV
  • Elective 3 (Any One)
    - Game Testing
    - Distribution & Marketing
  • Elective 4 (Any One)
    - C++ Game Project
    - Multiplayer Game Project

Semester 6
  • Elective 5 (Any One)
    - AR Project
    - VR Project
  • Major Project / Internship
  • Project Planning
  • Gaming Laptop
  • VR Gear
  • HTC Vive
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4 Console
  • Wacom Tablet
Is game development a good career choice? Yes it is! Join Seameduto get all the expert insights on how to build a successful gaming career in India!
  • 2D/3D Game Developer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • C++ / C# Developer
  • AI Programmer
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Developer
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Developer
  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Game Tester
  • Game Designer
What software will be taught as part of this course?
This course will include instruction on various software that will be pertinent to game development and mobile software development. This includes C#, C++, Java, and Objective C.
What kind of apps will I learn to make?
There are different kinds of apps in the market today – from fitness apps to ones that show the news. We will give you a strong foundation in how to build apps right from square one enabling you to develop any form of mobile application.
What platforms will I learn to develop apps for?
Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect nothing but the best. Many apps are developed for both Android and iOS systems. We train our students to excel in both platforms broadening the scope of job opportunities and placements.
Will this course teach me to develop only computer games or mobile games as well?
Our Game Development course will provide students with all the requisite skills, knowledge, and technical know-how to develop both computer games and mobile games by the end of the three-year program.
Do I need to have an IT or science background to enrol in this course?
It is not necessary to have a science or IT background to participate in this program. However, mathematics must have been part of your 12 th standard coursework. That being said, having a working proficiency in of computers and IT will definitely simplify the course work for you as a student.


"If you want to play games created by our students open the website on
desktop / laptop."

"If you want to play games created by our students open the website on
desktop / laptop."

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Chandra Prakash


Rahul Jeevan


Yash Vijay Patil


Binita Sharma


Jai Anklesaria

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