10 Reasons to Choose Seamedu for Your Graduation

Film making, photographybroadcast journalismmusic productionsound engineeringanimation and VFXgame developmentgame art and design… if you aspire to pursue these options with a long-term point of view, taking a full-fledged 3-year degree course in the subject is your best bet.

We understand that choosing the right course and the right college is an uphill task, so allow us to make it simpler for you. Here is a list of things that makes us preferred college for thousands of Media & Entertainment students and aspirants – year after year.

At Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, we have evolved into an institute that is known to produce high-quality and highly qualified talent. On that note, here are ten reasons why we are unarguably amongst the best media and communication colleges in India.

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1. Faculty

With highly experienced and wise faculty members on board, Seamedu’s teaching staff is a combination that is rare to find. The college has a mix of old as well as young professors to guide students, ensuring that they not only bring to the table their individual experiences and learnings, but also their skills and expertise. The pedagogy adopted by the teachers is such which nurtures student’s academic achievements and elaborates their interest, talent, and career prospects as well.

2. Practical Exposure

‘Learning by doing’ has been our motto and we are proud of it. In an era where everything is driven more by how well you can ‘do’ something rather than how well you ‘know’ something; it is extremely important for teachers, students, and parents to emphasize on practical learning. Our philosophy of experiential learning is ably complemented by our course structure, which gives 70% weightage to practical training which includes outdoor study tours, visit to various studios, sets etc.

3. Guests and Mentors

From Rajdeep Sardesai and Jabbar Patel to John Mathew Matthan and Rajit Kapoor, there is no dearth of mind-boggling talent that visits our campuses frequently to interact with our students from various facets of the media and entertainment industry. Several senior broadcast journalists, photographers, filmmakers, sound engineers and game development entrepreneurs come down to our campuses for guest lectures, workshops and interactive sessions with students.

4. Industry Connect

Seamedu’s strong industry connect brings about multiple options for students to choose from (or apply to) when it comes to internships and jobs. What this also means is that the college’s partnership with a wide array of companies, studios, and production houses bestows students with several opportunities to visit these setups and see what it is like to work there.

5. Campuses

With state-of-the-art campuses in Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chandigarh, Seamedu is rapidly growing as a powerhouse in the field of media education. All college campuses are well-equipped with all essential equipment, classrooms, and labs that our students might need during their courses. Our buildings are constantly buzzing with a lot of positive and creative energy, so don’t be surprised if you find incredible work being created in every corner of the institute even on a off day!

6. Infrastructure

We understand and acknowledge the role that technology plays in the field of media and entertainment, and we have ensured that our campuses are loaded with cutting-edge tech and equipment. From high-end DAWs to state-of-the-art labs for audio/video production, and from the latest photography equipment to projectors, screens and powerful workstations, we have it all. Our students love spending their time working on college projects as well as their individual projects, too, since we provide them with the best-in-class facilities here.

7. Events and Activities

If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that there is hardly any week in a month when there is no new event happening. We ensure that our students are kept engaged throughout the duration of their course (not just with academics). From live jam sessions, music production competitions, gaming contests, fashion shows and short film projects, to industrial visits, hands-on workshops and studio tours – there is always something happening at Seamedu!

8. Placements

Our track record, when it comes to student placements, is impeccable. Students who qualify certain criteria are given ample opportunities to find jobs and kick-start their careers with our industry placement partners, including the likes of Toolbox Studio, Rolocule Games, Radio Mirchi, HR Musik, Balaji, SQS, ABP News, TV9, etc. Check out our latest list of student placements here!

9. Knowledge Partners

The fact that we are knowledge partners to Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, CMR University Bengaluru and Rayat-Bahra University Chandigarh places us in good stead to move in the right direction. We have grown from strength to strength over the last decade, tying up with corporate partners and collaborating with the best universities in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab.

10. Alumni

It is the students that make a college successful. We are immensely proud of what our ex-students have achieved in their professional endeavors after graduating from Seamedu. And the best part is that they still attribute a lot of their success to the time they spent here at the institute, learning new things and honing their skills. They have quite a lot to say about studying at Seamedu – take a look!

Need more reasons? Well, how about these… Seamedu is:

  • India’s first and only Ableton-certified training center
  • Apple-authorized training center
  • Unity-authorized training center

If you think you are cut out for a career in the media industry, get in touch with our academic counselor to discuss the options available to you in detail. And our campuses are open Monday-Saturday, so feel free to even walk in if you are around!

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Written by: Dilip Achtani

Last updated: 12-03-2024

Dilip Achtani started his career as a DJ when he was 19 and moved on to work in Bollywood as a sound engineer. In 2009 he joined Seamedu and started the Sound Engineering programs that have helped hundreds of students kickstart their careers.

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