4 Excellent Career Opportunities in the Game Industry
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May 2, 2018
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May 2, 2018

4 Excellent Career Opportunities in the Game Industry

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The gaming industry has come a long, long way over the past twenty years, and is definitely light years ahead in terms of graphics, storylines and gameplay from the iconic Pong released by Atari way back in 1972. As video games have evolved, so have the job roles of the people creating them.

Here are a few of the careers you can explore in the game development industry if you are considering a degree course like the BFA in Game Design, BCA in Game Development or Diploma in Game Engineering from Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism.


game designing

This job is every gamer’s dream. The lead game designer can be equated to the director of a movie. Nowhere else does one need to be both creative as well as technically minded as a game designer. The game designer imagines and outlines the entire game and often has to pitch the idea to video game producer before starting the development of the game. Once a game is approved, a team of game designers work together to develop the characters, levels and various other aspects of gameplay. There are various roles game designers might fulfil during the development of a game such as:

  • A level designer is concerned with designing a specific level or world or scenario.
  • A content designer adds detail to the game world to support the quest, themes and back-story.
  • Character designers create the look and feel of different animated characters present in a game.
  • The interface designer is concerned with how the game communicates with the game player and how the game player communicates with the game.
  • Sound designers create the mood of the game by adding sound effects, music and dialogue to enhance a game player’s experience.


game programming

This is the oldest known profession in the history of video games. Game programmers push the limits of known technology to bring a video game to life. Game programmers need to be extremely innovative while writing code as gamers are constantly demanding better graphics, more innovative gameplay or more special effects. Video games have evolved to a point where programmers can specialize in a particular aspect of game programming such as:

  • Engine Developers who develop the ‘game engine’ that a game is built on.
  • 3D and Graphic Programmers specialize in developing and modifying complex 3D graphic renderers, thereby putting game scenes on your screen.
  • AI Programmers or artificial intelligence programmers write the code that gives each character not controlled by a player a system of action and reaction depending on the gameplay and the players’ decisions.


game testing

Releasing a game to the masses after millions of dollars invested in them with bugs and glitches still present is a definite no-no. The reams and reams of code written for each game needs to come together cohesively as it is envisioned. The game tester repeatedly plays parts of the game and testing the environment to see if there are any snags in the gameplay. This allows game programmers and game designers to adapt their work throughout the game to circumvent the glitches according to the feedback from the game testing team. Basically the quality assurance and game testing team tell the game designers what is working and what isn’t. Game testers need to have engineering skills, pay minute attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively. It’s a pretty important job role that probably doesn’t get the respect it deserves.


This is probably the newest amongst all gaming professions. Gone are the days where a game was created by one or two people and the job roles in the gaming industry are becoming increasingly specialised. What was once created through trial and error or experimentation now has a serious methodology behind it. A degree in some aspect of gaming is now almost a prerequisite for entering the industry leading to a demand for experienced individuals to teach the next generation of aspiring game makers.

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These are just a few career opportunities amongst the many available in the game making industry. What was once considered a ‘nerdy’ profession has evolved into a glamorous industry with many a celebrity jumping on the bandwagon making appearances in games. As an increasingly competitive and serious industry, it has become essential to have a degree from a reputed institution that allows you to learn from professionals.

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