How Big Is The Gaming Streaming Industry?

How Big Is The Gaming Streaming Industry?

To understand the size of the gaming streaming industry, it is essential to define gaming streaming. So, what is gaming streaming? Gaming streaming refers to broadcasting or live-streaming video games over the internet for an audience to watch in real time. It typically involves a gamer using specialized software or platforms to capture their gameplay footage and stream it online, allowing viewers to watch and interact with the streamer through chat or other means. 

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Game streaming has gained significant popularity in recent years, with platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming serving as central hubs for gamers to share their gameplay experiences with a wide audience.

Platforms like Twitch have revolutionised the gaming industry, introducing a fresh source of entertainment for gamers worldwide and drawing attention to the gaming industry as a whole. With its continued growth, live streaming is expected to further boost the popularity of indie games, elevate the status of esports, and contribute to the overall thriving of the gaming industry.

What is the Market Size of the Gaming Streaming Industry?

In 2018, the global eSports and gaming industry had an estimated net worth of around US$735.4 million. The game streaming market size experienced moderate growth initially, but it witnessed a significant surge during the years affected by the pandemic. By 2022, the net valuation of worldwide eSports and game streaming services had reached US$ 2,357.1 million. This indicates an average year-on-year growth rate of approximately 8.3% for the industry between 2018 and 2022.

Thus, the gaming streaming industry has experienced significant growth and has become a major force within the entertainment sector. Currently, the global gaming streaming market share (2023) is US$ 2598.6 million, with a forecasted global market value of US$ 7,725.9 million in 2033. 

What Is The Benefit of Streaming Games?

Live streaming your gaming videos offers several advantages, such as allowing your audience to watch the gameplay in real time. It also enables direct communication with viewers, turning them into dedicated fans, followers, and even brand advocates who may share your live streams on social networks, thereby expanding your video reach and brand visibility. 

The game streaming benefits for streamers in terms of earnings varies based on their viewership and income sources. Prominent streamers can earn between $3,000 and $6,000 per month, while smaller streamers with fewer than 100 viewers typically earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per month. 

The income you earn depends on the number of income streams you have, as streamers can generate revenue through donations, merchandise sales, and affiliate programs, among other avenues. Streaming games can also offer several financial benefits to streamers through ad revenue, subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and brand collaborations.

So, is game streaming worth it? If you are passionate about gaming and enjoy sharing your experiences with others, game streaming can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity. However, while some streamers can earn a significant income from streaming, it's essential to recognise that financial success is not guaranteed. Building a sizable and dedicated audience, as well as establishing multiple income streams, takes time and effort. 

The game streaming space is highly competitive, with numerous streamers vying for attention. Standing out and growing a dedicated viewer base can be challenging, requiring a unique approach or niche content. Ultimately, the worth of game streaming varies from person to person. It can be a rewarding hobby or even a career for those willing to put in the effort, enjoy the process, and find value in the connections and experiences it brings.

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Last updated: 23-02-2024

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