Capturing Couture: Seamedu’s Fashion Photography Foray

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

– Coco Chanel

The most simplistic definition of fashion would describe it as the world of clothing. But this would be a gross understatement, if not verging on entirely incorrect.

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes and the accessories, but a representation of the emotions they evoke.

The attitude that comes with the clothes, the confidence a stylish outfit inspires, the elation of being comfortable in your skin and the pride when all eyes are on you because of how spectacular and well put together your outfit is.

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Fashion & photography

Fashion means different things to different people, but there is one universal truth about fashion – it is who you are. Fashion is a means through which you can express your personality, your individuality, your uniqueness and your quirks to the rest of the world without word, voice, or movement. Fashion can convey passions, beliefs, outlooks and individual character traits. Fashion talks, and the world listens.

This is why the work of a fashion photographer is challenging and rewarding in equal parts. Because he or she has the opportunity to capture not just the clothes, but everything that we just described that encapsulates the meaning of the word fashion into that one frame.  It is the art of immortalizing art, capturing the essence, the attitude, and the voice of that ensemble for posterity. Students of our photography course at Seamedu witnessed this effort first hand, when a professional fashion shoot was set up within our campus.

The elements of a fashion shoot

A fashion shoot has a variety of individual elements that together result in the fantastic pictures you see. A lot goes into setting up a shoot, and those handful of shots are the culmination of days, and sometimes even months of hard work.

  • Theme – It all starts with a theme. A premise the shoot is built around. The clothing and accessories have something to say, they belong to a certain genre of style. And the whole shoot is built around showcasing that personality of the couture.
  • Location – Once the theme is settled upon, the next step is to decide where to shoot. The location is extremely important, because it sets up the whole shot. You wouldn’t want to capture beachwear on to of a snow-capped mountain, and you wouldn’t want to capture the winter collection in the middle of the desert. You could even choose to shoot in a studio, which allows you to play with sets and backdrops to further enhance your theme.
  • Key players – There are a few important individuals that have be present at a fashion photo session. This includes the photographer, the models, the stylist, the hair and makeup crew, the set crew if needed, and the lighting and equipment crew.
  • Equipment – Every photo-session needs a certain amount of equipment. This includes the camera itself along with all its accessories, lights and flash setups, reflectors and diffusers, and more.

Important takeaways from a live fashion shoot

Our students were not only exposed to this environment, but also had a chance to interact with the important individuals that make a fashion shoot.

This includes an eminent fashion photographer, an international model, a talented stylist, and a hair and makeup professional. Furthermore, our students even got to assist with the shoot and receive a hands-on lesson on the art of fashion photography. An opportunity to learn this craft in its natural environment, and a chance for the students to take a plunge into the deep end of a glamorous photo shoot.

Our students received the opportunity to study how a professional fashion photographer sets up his images, how he frames his subject and the angles he adopts. They also witnessed how integral lighting is to getting the right shot, and how fluid a tool it is to change the look and feel of the shoot.

An extremely productive day for our students, and a great example of what you get when you enroll into Seamedu’s photography courses!

Our courses go above and beyond the remits of a classroom, and allow our students to explore this creative, technical profession from right in the middle of the action. They get to witness and practice everything they have learnt in the theoretical sessions in the context of a professional environment. What better way to learn the craft? If you want to be a part of exciting, invigorating, and deeply informative sessions like this, then you need to enroll in our photography courses today.

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Written by: Arun Gupta

Last updated: 15-03-2024

Arun completed his post-graduation at FTII with motion picture photography as his specialization. With more than two decades of industry experience as a Cinematographer and as a Producer he has more than 300 projects like television commercials, television shows, Music videos, corporate films, Short films and documentaries to his credit.

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