Building a Thriving Career in the World's Fourth-Largest App Economy
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July 28, 2016
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Building a Thriving Career in the World’s Fourth-Largest App Economy

Smartphones are more than just phones, they have transformed into so much more than a simple audio-based communication device. In fact, you are more likely to find people looking at their phones than talking into them these days, and just can’t seem to be able to function without them – a notion that would have been considered absolutely bonkers as little as 20 years ago.

It is true though, because according to this story by Fortune, a study conducted by Yahoo’s analytics firm Flurry indicates that the obsession with smartphones grew even more in the last year. According to the study, mobile device usage grew 117% worldwide last year, with large screen smartphones, or phablets, taking the cake with an insane 334% growth in terms of usage from 2014-2015.

And all this data was collected before the ridiculously popular Pokémon GO was even launched. Already shattering records for popularity and daily time spent in the nations it has launched in (you can find a full stat breakdown in real time here), imagine the carnage when it reaches high-density markets like India and China!


Smartphones are popular in India, too!

Clearly, smartphones and their apps are ruling the world, and the situation is no different here in India. In fact, even though game app development may not have reached Pokémon GO levels here, in general, app development in India has grown substantially.

According to a report in the Times of India, India is fourth biggest app economy in the world. The article reads: “In total app downloads per year, only China, U.S., and Brazil are ahead of India. The annual figure for India is projected to grow by 92% to reach 7.7 billion downloads this year, and further to 20.1 billion by 2020. China’s app download is expected to grow at a much slower 29% this year, but the absolute figure will be more than 6 times that of India’s at 49 billion.”

The article is based on a study by app analytics powerhouse App Annie, and goes on produce some statistics on India’s smartphone app usage habits as well. “The amount of time Indians spent on apps in the first quarter of 2016 more than doubled compared to that in the first quarter of 2014. In retail apps, the time spent grew by 11.5 times during the same period, driven by e-commerce majors like Flipkart-Myntra, Amazon, and Snapdeal. The time spent on video streaming apps grew by 7.4 times, with YouTube and Hotstar leading the way.”


Demand-supply imbalance for app developers in India

All of this points towards strong potential for app developers to a build a career in this space here in India. And if you looked at the growth of app culture in India and thought about becoming an app developer in recent times, you are not the only one. Far from it, in fact, as again, the Times of India illustrates. There are more than 1.5 million engineers graduating every year in India, and vying for just 200-250,000 jobs available in this sector. The article says that the number of jobs is reaching peak saturation levels, “For instance, at Wipro, job acceptance rates have risen to 85% from 65% three years ago, said an executive who didn’t want to be named. Others said this mirrors the industry average of 80-85% now against 65-70% in FY12. Applications are surging trebling at Infosys to 1.16 million in FY16 from FY13’s 379,000.”

The piece goes on to quote Vivek Kulkarni, former IT secretary in the Karnataka government, who feels the ratios in terms of between job availability and number of applicants are definitely skewed. He says, “The number of engineers graduating currently is far too high. And absolutely, there is a demand-supply imbalance because of that. When you have a large number of youngsters coming into the job market, you need the economy to be growing at an extremely high rate to match that supply, which is not happening right now.”


App developers need to stand out in a saturated market

With competition so fierce and the sheer volume of hopefuls looking to score a job in IT in general and app development in particular, any candidate that wants to score the dream job needs to have credentials that set them apart from the crowd.

And this is where Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism comes in.

There are many app development courses in India but ours are a little different. Our focus is practical-oriented, with a course structure that offers a massive 75% of its material in the form of practical learning. A course, mind you, that is designed in conjunction with the top players of India’s app development industry to ensure that our students receive all the knowledge and expertise that the industry is looking for. Not only do the industry experts help us set the course, they also drop in from time to time and give students some valuable information and insight into current trends and industry secrets.

However, we do not just give our students the tools to succeed in the industry, but even help them down the path to their careers with a strong placement program. Our aforementioned ties with stalwarts of India’s app development scene means students have the opportunity to find jobs straight out of the campus, and beat the throng of other hopefuls to the spot at some of the best app development firms in the nation.

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