Gamers’ paradise: A Career in Game Design & Development
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May 5, 2016
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Gamers’ paradise: A Career in Game Design & Development

Saying that India’s has embraced gaming wholeheartedly would be an understatement. From Angry Birds to World of Warcraft and smartphones to consoles and everything in between, gaming is a massive source of entertainment for India’s tech-savvy denizens.

A growing industry

The numbers back that up too. The Indian Gamer’s Review 2015 published by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), as reported by The Hindu Business Online says that as of early 2015 40-50 million people in India play games on their smart phones alone, with revenues earned from this market reaching the $150 million mark. Add another 3-4 million gamers coming in from the console market and another estimated 2.5 lakh from the PC gaming market. The study estimates that the revenue from this burgeoning industry will rise to $300 million by the end of 2016, and at least a $100 million more every year thereafter. The study also states that India has over 200 game developing studios with more than half established after 2012.

International Presence

A whole slew of international and Indian gaming studios ply their trade here. There is a long list available, published online by the aforementioned NASSCOM. Some of the big international ones include Adobe, AutoDesk, Axham, Electronic Arts (EA Games), and Ubisoft among others. Speaking of Ubisoft, here’s a pertinent bit about their Indian studio as reported in the Pune Mirror. Pauline Jacquey, then MD of Ubisoft Pune elaborated on the facility’s facets in India, “have three distinct divisions in our studios — Programming, Design and Testing. The programmers work on game development, the design team works on the visual aspect of the game, and the testers, as the name suggest, test the games for bugs and glitches.”

She also elaborated on remuneration for Ubisoft employees, saying, “We look at matching the IT industry at every level, which is our only benchmark in India.” Ubisoft Pune has had a key hand in developing mobile gaming hits such as Rayman and Prince of Persia’s mobile version, along with working on the HD re-mastering of the Splinter Cell series for the PlayStation 3 among other things. also reported on foreign investment in India’s gaming industry, reporting that in June 2014, Octro, a mobile gaming company raised $15 million from Sequoia Capital. Red Monster Games founded by ex-Zynga employees in India in May 2014 also found funding from Red Monster Games.

The Growth of eSports

India’s growth in the gaming industry is not just restricted to studios either. Here is a story of Santanu Basu, a young gamer from Kolkata who made it big in professional gaming or eSports, as reported by the UK’s Daily Mail. The article reports, “The unsung hero (Basu) has made the country proud at national, Asian and world finals by winning numerous medals and earning $2,000 for his fourth-place finish in a recent FIFA online tournament at Yiwu in China.” He has also scored sponsorship from three Taiwanese companies due to his gaming prowess.

The same article quotes one Anirudh Jayee of Glued Entertainment who speaks positively about the future of gaming in India. “Gaming is becoming big in India. Today, affluent youngsters are more aware of international e-tournaments and are interested to take part in them. Also, international gaming is now becoming aware of India and wants to tap this market.”

India has its fair share of gaming tournaments as well, and they getting bigger and bigger. For example, IGX or the Indian Games Expo’s 2015 edition had a prize pool of over three lakh rupees.

The First Step Towards a Career in Gaming

Clearly, the gaming industry is just coming into its own in India. No longer does it remain a pipe dream for young aspirants who have a passion for gaming and want to build a career around this passion. All you need to make this very scenario reality is the right education. And here at SeamEdu we offer you just that with our gaming-centric courses:

Three different programs to cater to the needs of all kinds of game industry aspirants, the Diploma course in game engineering is the shortest of the three. It lasts one year, and the first half covers basics such as pre-production techniques, communication and research skills, production management, understanding the gaming industry, game platforms and tech, and computer game design among other things. The second half of the course provides students a choice between Programming and Game Art, and provides skill sets in both avenues. Programming students gain courses in object-oriented design, game story development, game engines and flash games development. Those who elect for Game Art are taught 3D animation, 3D modelling, 3D environments and digital graphics for games. Our game software development courses deal more with the software intensive science and graphics part of the process. Topics covered include:

  • Game Design (Paper prototypes, Board Game)
  • Game Software Development using C#
  • Game Software Development using C++
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Mathematic required for Game Programming
  • Game Production
  • Game Distribution & Marketing
  • HCI (Human computer interface/interaction)

We have game development courses in Pune and in Bangalore. Our Degree in Game Design differs to this course however as it covers the more artistic and conceptual aspects of the game creation process. The curriculum broadly deals with these topics:

  • Designing Game Script & Storyline
  • Storyboarding for games
  • Game Design (Paper prototypes, Board Game)
  • UI Design for Games
  • 2D Assets (background & character design, props) (using Photoshop , Flash & Inkscape)
  • 3D Modeling for Game (Environment & Character Design, props ,using Maya)
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Sound & Music for Games
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Working on Game Engines-Level Design ( Unity3D)
  • Interrogating with 2D & 3D game engine ( Unity3d)

The Degree in Game Design in Pune is as mentioned earlier a more creative course and is the first of its kind in India as it even covers the sound and music facet of game development.

Those with a passion for gaming should not be restricted by any external factors. This is exactly the reason why your educational background does not hold you back when enrolling in our courses. All you need is a 12th pass degree from any stream in all course except our most technical game software development degree which requires a 12th that includes mathematics and physics.

So here is your chance to turn your love for gaming into the most important part of your life rather than just a fun activity. All it takes it that one leap of faith and all your dreams could come true.


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